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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2244396;
    I wonder if she had fallen in such a manner that knocked her out upon impact? I didn't really gauge how high that dock was above the water... Just a thought.

    Darnit... why aren't they showing last night's episode again tonight? Instead they're showing the one where they had the woman screaming incessantly in the ER until Alex finally got in her face and screamed back at her. Loved that scene.
    I'd guess 30 feet tops from pier to water, likelier 20. A fall from either one shouldn't have incapacitated her, I'm trying to envision the worst possible way to hit the water from the height she did; maybe a fully prone belly flop position?

    The pier supports are likelier to be cement than wood these days, either would hurt if you met up with it on the way down but why would that happen, they aren't built with outcroppings that I've ever seen in a port.

    I missed the earlier episode where Meredith goes tubbing, wish I'd seen it now as well as the others I missed like the one explaining how she and Dreamboat got together as a couple.

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    they are probably showing these 2 episodes because they want people to remember who was Kyle Chandler and the last big event on Grey's

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    Quote Originally Posted by xjeff99;2244459;
    they are probably showing these 2 episodes because they want people to remember who was Kyle Chandler and the last big event on Grey's
    Haha my sister missed it last night and now she's pissed because she wanted to see last night's episode.
    However I'm watching the bomb episode right now - THAT was a really good episode. I like that storyline better than the ferry one. It kept my heart racing the whole time!
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    Yeah, we got to see the pink mist/va-jay-jay episodes again. The last 20 minutes of it still gives me goosebumps.

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    Last night's episode of Grey's can been seen for free at ABC.com.

    Krom, I think you're spot on with your assesment. Hypothermia is the most likely cause. Note the quivering lip and chattering teeth just before she sinks for the last time.
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    I watched it online tonight. I too wondered why Meredith didn't fight harder. She could have at least screamed. Granted, with all the chaos nobody probably would have heard her but she didn't even yell "help" and surely she could have gotten that out on her way down.

    The little girl annoyed me too but then like another poster said, I started wondering if maybe she was mute or autistic. Just because she was happy to see her mother doesn't mean she can't be autistic. There are varying degrees of autism and even autistic children have the ability to smile at people they recognize. But then again, she could have just been in shock, in which case someone should have slapped her! I'm just kidding .

    George is being annoying but Callie is being pretty harsh with him. I get that she doesn't want him talking to her like she's his wife while she's around her peers but surely she's not so dense that if he comes in with a picture wanting to know if the boy on the table matches, she can show an iota of compassion. She finally did but she was clearly bitchy at first as if he was annoying her. He wasn't being her husband at that moment, he was being a doctor. Of course he ruined it by saying he'd show his gratitude when they got home. He's obviously not upset with her attitude like I am (and I'm usually a big Callie fan).

    Izzie still grates on my nerves and her high and mighty comment that she felt she could tell George he made a mistake and he'd still be her friend made me want to strangle her. When everyone was telling her it was a mistake to get involved with her patient did she listen? No. And she also had an attitude about it. She really needs to grow up. She could actually take a lesson in friendship by observing Christina.

    Alex did tell people the morgue photos were fatalities as he started posting them. I think under the circumstances, with everyone so desparate for information and being left in limbo when they didn't see their loved ones under the "in surgery" section, he really handled it the best way he could to get the info to the masses as quickly as possible. They wanted to know news, whether it be good or bad, and he delivered it. The picture taking of all the victims (live and dead) was a good idea under the circumstances. Otherwise it could have been the next day or longer before some of the family members knew. Oh yeah, loved his "I'd notice" line to Addison.

    I didn't get to see the previews. They never show them when you watch it online. But I was thrilled to see Kyle Chandler again. Just a few seconds of seeing him was worth the episode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan;2244673;
    I didn't get to see the previews. They never show them when you watch it online. But I was thrilled to see Kyle Chandler again. Just a few seconds of seeing him was worth the episode.
    Three words: "Friday Night Lights."

    Uncle David, sooooooooooo nice to see you're back! You don't know how happy it made me when I saw the "Greta" avatar!

    Regarding the annoying little blonde girl--I'm not saying she doesn't have autism or whatever. Regardless of why she acted so useless, the thing that annoyed me was that kid was a horrible actress. I realize they can't all be as good as Dakota Fanning, but there must be better kid actors than that.

    About the Mere almost drowning thing in the water...I don't know if it's ever been established whether she's a swimmer or not but she may be afraid of water. I can swim, but I am deathly afraid of open water. Even though I could swim if I needed to, I don't like to be in water that's over my head. Another phobia of mine. Maybe she has a water phobia, too? I dunno. I'm just trying to think of reasons why she wouldn't fight harder. And while she was in the water for an hour to us TV viewers, it may've only been a couple of minutes in TV land...although I would think that'd be enough to die in water that cold...

    Darn! I assumed tonight's repeat would be last night's episode so I didn't bother watching...I actually missed the pink mist episode... That's OK--I'd rather not think of Kyle Chandler being defiled in that way!
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    Several people have mentioned the incident with Derek fining Meredith in the bathtub underwater and thinking she was trying to drown herself. For those who missed it, that wasn't in some long-ago show. I'm pretty sure it was at the beginning of last week's show and thus the morning of the same day that she actually drowned.

    If so, the person is probably right who said that Derek and the others might wonder (if she survives) whether or not she wanted to die.
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    I agree with those of you who feel ER does disaster better. This 3 episode arc hasn't really kept my attention.

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    about Merideth and not trying to swim, to me it sure seemed to me like she wasn't trying very hard to swim and get out of the water. I seem to remember that the accident victim that (accidentally) pushed her off the pier had been in the water for who knows how long WITH a serious leg injury, and he had managed to pull himself up over the edge because that was how Merideth had first spotted him, wasn't it?
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