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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    One thing that was better this episode than last was a side view of the ferry showing the impact zone. Last week I'd assumed they were dealing with a fire basically until Izzy entered to where the humped cars were.

    I expect that Meredith will be transformed from her brush with death, and knowing the show, probably not in a good way. Before she regains some measure of her original self, those having to endure her overdone current persona probably be thinking of drawing straws for the priviledge of being the one to take her butt back to the pier and toss her back into the sound/bay/whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bandy;2243286;
    I could have done with out the " I believe " speech from Izzy too. I kept hearing I belive for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows... that old song.
    That turned a show that generally seems too short into one that seemed too long. They ought to have pared that endless indulgence by a dozen stanzas or more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2243552;
    And the victims' pictures on the wall? It's been done before (Thailand was the mass occasion that I remember) and I can't see any other way that he could have done that. He couldn't have just stood there and had people paw through the polaroids should they choose to... they had to have been neutrally posted.

    And his response to Addison was, indeed, wonderful.
    You make a good point (about Thailand). Some tender sensitivities need to fall by the wayside at times involving widescale casualties. One reason I'd have preferred Alex had held the pics of the dead in ready but umposted reserve is kin to my thought with the pregnant womans husband. Having to request to look at the pictures of the dead would have steeled them to the idea that perhaps their loved one was prior to having it confirmed. Some people don't believe there's anyway of mitigating the negativity of discovering a loved one is dead, I'll go along with that on one level but believe that some ways of discovering are worse than others and that having internally prepared oneself for the worst provides a small cushion for what must feel like the ending of a fall down an elevator shaft.

    I knew the moment Addison asked that rhetorical question that Alex would respond as he did, it only surprised that he didn't do so immediately. I wonder whether by waiting it made his statement any more valuable to Addison than if he'd tossed it out right after she'd spoken.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane;2243647;
    I don't think Burke was such a bonehead. Christina wasn't that excited about accepting his proposal (and she's certainly made it clear she's not a "ring" person). She didn't tell anyone and yet wanted him to hold off his excitement in telling his friends/family. I don't see why the guy should have to wait for the girl to tell her friends first...especially when she takes her sweet time doing do. This marriage is so NOT going to happen... And that's probably why it feels that way to him. Normal people tell the world about their engagement. The fact that Christina is so reticent to do so...heck, so what if Mere was in a crabby mood. Hearing good news would've cheered her up. Perhaps Christina has doubts about the marriage and was afraid Meredith would validate that getting engaged wasn't the right thing to do...
    Christina appeared excited enough to me. You've got to bear in mind we are speaking of Christina. It wasn't until both Burke and Christina, control freaks with an emphasis on freak were able to withdraw and set aside the rigid poles up their respective rumps that they were able to demonstrate something approximating unrestrained joy at what had just occurred between them, jumping into each others arms without checking first whether that was on their day planner schedule.

    Christina didn't appear to take her time to me in sharing the news with Meredith, there was simply too many things that kept interfering with her ability to do so. She didn't seem reticent to tell the world, she simply had one person she wanted to be the first to share her joy with.

    Perhaps its not such of a female thing in general, but it certainly applied to that female Christina. No good comes from a relationship where either partner doesn't pay heed to the paramount desires of the other, whether what they want is understandable or simply something you're going to give in in gifting manner because silly or not the one you love wants it so bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by combatcutie;2243694;
    Honestly, I don't think she gave in as easily as you are making it out. Don't forget, the water was EXTREMELY cold and that put her body into shock. (And trust me, I am no Meredith lover, I just see it as her being in shock. It would happen to any of us that aren't used to being in the water during cold months)
    Short of hitting her noggin on something, she should have been able to respond to being in the water differently then she had. The water may be cold there, but not, in my estimation to the point of being immediately incapacitating. Even 'polar bear' fools diving in to a hole in the ice are able to get in and out (generally). Cold cold water would have been a shock, sure; but a bracing shock at least initially. One where your bod tells stridently tells you 'Get me the heck out of here'. Instead of appearing to attempt to get out, Meredith looked as if she was experiencing a Calgone relaxation moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by combatcutie;2243709;
    That's when I lost it too Callie. I felt so bad for him. You could see the love and compassion in his eyes. Then when the person walked up behind him, I thought it was someone to tell him they lost her, only to be wrong. And I have to hand it to Mark for being there for his friend even though they weren't getting along.
    There was only one person I figured could have been attached to the approaching legs, that being Mark. Nice moment, but its going to take alot more similar moments before the mercenary image I have about him transforms into another.

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    Thanks for the pager explanation, Marley. Do you know if Izzy (if she were real ) would have hers on in surgery?
    Duxxy - your view on Meredith facing those two men is very insightful.
    Don't feel silly, Shay. I thought Denny looked very different.

    Maybe I missed something when Alex came out with the pictures (I was irritated with my husband who kept swapping over to Witness during the commercials). It seemed to me he just started hanging them on the wall without saying anything; leaving it up to the family members to figure out they were deceased. That's why I thought he was being a bonehead.
    If I'm wrong about that, well, nevermind.
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    Sometimes, you just have to do things the hard way. It seems insensitive, the way he let people know that their loved ones may be dead, but with an event like that, I completely understand it. You just need to have people available to the survivors after they have found out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketeen;2243910;
    Thanks for the pager explanation, Marley. Do you know if Izzy (if she were real ) would have hers on in surgery?
    If they remember to do so, they might remove their pagers before surgery and then have someone keep track of answering the pages, but I know many times - and I've done this myself - they forget to remove them before getting into their sterile garb and then it never fails that the pager will go off during the procedure. It's very common to have to ask someone to reach under your sterile gown to find your pager when it's going off. I used to sometimes wear my pager clipped to the v-neck of my scrubs but that got a little tricky once when I needed someone to grab it for me.

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    It wasn't Mark that made the tears fall for me, it was Christina's reaction to the news about Meredith. Her faltering speech just made me bawl, especially due to the fact that she's always so cold. She just looked absolutely lost & bewildered - the same look that Derek had on his face when the Chief threw him out. It killed me, especially given the fact that this is her 'person'... the one person she was dying to tell about her engagement, her best friend.

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    sorry if this has been asked/answered...but...who is kyle chandler?

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyfat101;2244051;
    sorry if this has been asked/answered...but...who is kyle chandler?
    Kyle Chandler is our sexy mighty fine bomb man!
    Oh, WHY did he have to die?!?
    But DAMN, he looked good last night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster;2243471;
    Meredith surrendered to the water. She just didn't appear to give a hoot about living. I saw and heard nothing giving me the impression she'd done anything beyond being knocked off balance over the edge into the water, like hitting her head on something on the way down. As shown, she didn't panic, she didn't do much of anything except bob up naturally twice before simply giving in and letting gravity do its work.

    ...she gave absolutely no visual evidence she was making any attempt to stay afloat. She didn't panic, she didn't flounder, she didn't thrash about crying out and fighting for life thereby shortening it through depleting her strength through her efforts.

    Oooh ooh, reading your post reminded me (sorry if this was already posted, I couldn't read all the pages) of the foreshadowing we had a few episodes back with Meridith "drowning" in bathtub and Derek pulling her out, and the same thing happening now. Don't know what the point exactly was of them doing that, but I guess we'll find out.

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    It seems they may have doubts about Merideth because Derek told Burke about Mer trying to drown herself in the tub and now she really did drown. It may be setting up for a psych eval, like she tried to commit suicide type of thing.
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    I'm apologizing in advance because I'm on the grumpy train in regards to this show. Last night's episode was good in itself but dang, every show is more dramatic than the previous one. If I wanted an hour of emotional drama, I'd still be watching ER.

    What happened to the witty humor and snappy comebacks mixed with subtle emotion that hooked us in the first season? Did the writers get off the wacky weed? Are they no longer doing Jello shots? Was va-jay-jay the last word in their funny book? Will we ever have an episode that doesn't refer to Denny?

    I just shrugged over the Meredith plot. I saw that one coming from a mile away and I'm not the sharpest tool in the drawer. I'd like to see more on Alex and Addison, the McSteamy guy and Izzie (as a love plot) and less Meredith. Heck, at this point I even want more story on George.

    I know I'm against the grain which is why I try not to post much in here. This show was really clever at a time when we needed clever. I want clever back!
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