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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    I like her hair.... I would destroy a teddy bear for that hair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene;2232752;
    The only pictures I can clearly see have that same damn hairstyle...

    Does anyone have a link to a picture (or even a picture to post here) of this woman without that awful hairstyle (if that's what the problem is)...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka
    Addison is an attending. Callie is a resident. Izzy and Christina are interns.
    Just to clarify, the interns are also residents. Intern is another term for a first year resident.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2232825;
    No way that's the same person!! She really could be a goddess, couldn't she? I mean, she really was a goddess at one time!!

    And I didn't say I didn't like her hair, she has beautiful hair, I think. It's just the style, the bangs on the side swooping across her forehead, that maybe bother me so much. Clearly we can see from this picture it's not the eyebrows.

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    I'm pretty sure that there are women that would kill for her eyebrows!

    You can at least see more of her gorgeous face with this 'do. I think her hair may look a bit too dark on the show. I'd like to see the above picture in color. Her face is too closed in with the current "Callie" style, and I don't think it flatters her, at all.
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    Maybe they are trying to give her a very different look than Meredith's so she won't seem like a Meredith-lite rebound affair.

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    I think that the hair that Callie has on the show looks like bad 80's hair. But I think it really works for her character. Going on stereotyping basis only, it makes sense to me that someone who was really in to athletics would be drawn towards orthopedics as a profession. In addition to saying "bad 80s hair" to me, Callie's hair also says "jock" to me, which makes orthopedics work very well for her character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene;2232832;
    No way that's the same person!! She really could be a goddess, couldn't she? I mean, she really was a goddess at one time!!
    i think she still is ...

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    I wonder if the hair is a Gery's thing.. because she was doing this lead in for some awards show (SAG or Golden Globes) contest (TMZ had her ad before all of their videos on their site) I wanna say it was like Dove or Olay.. she looked like 20lbs thiner and her hair looked great. I had to watch it a few times to make sure it was her. I never knew her name wasn't pronounced Sara (Sarah). lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by FireWoman;2233276;
    I never knew her name wasn't pronounced Sara (Sarah). lol
    How's it pronounced?

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