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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Hi everyone...new to this board...so glad I found it!!!

    Okay so I am completely thrilled that Meredith chose Dr. McDreamy...*sigh* love him love him love him...

    I can't decide if I like Callie...she's rude and overbearing...but that seems to come out of insecurity...but what a hussy!!! Dr. McSteamy is asking for fireworks on this one...as far as George goes...Callie has to understand that Izzy and Meredith are his family. He is loyal to the bone and that is why we love him so dearly...

    Poor Izzy...nnnnnnnnnnnot!!! Now she can choose her life instead of feeling the need to justify her undie modeling days!!! Love you Denny!!!

    oh lord I need help...

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    to the FORT GA board! But I'm not sure you will find help here--more enablers--quite a few as nuts as you for the show!

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    Well the love triangle didn't last long. What happened to her wanting to date? I'm glad she picked Derek, but they could have had her decide a little longer. Glad McSteamy is part of the cast now, but find it hard to believe he would just go off with George's girl.
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    I feel really stupid but I was shocked to find out that Mc Steamy is married to Rebecca Gayheart in real life. I guess I expected him to be with someone who wasn't an actress or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay View Post
    Your memory is correct! Wasn't that a shocker? Not bad for a cricket!!
    I have my moments!

    Do any of these doctors have practices? I've never known a specialist who didn't have office hours at some point during the day, but these superstars are either wandering the halls or in surgery all the time!
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    Nope, no private practice, they are all just gorgeous,brilliant surgeons who live their lives at the hospital...unless they are having sex or at the bar...what a LIFE!!!

    I do wish the triangle had lasted a weensy bit longer...but how CUTE was Meredith on the drugs?! Going on about George...I love George. I just want to pinch his darling little cheeks and give him a Citizen of the Month award for being so loyal!!!

    I don't care for Callie...she's a hussy of the shameless variety and she is NOT a good houseguest...no manners to speak of! I mean really...using all the hot water and walking around nekkid?! tacky tacky tacky

    I adore this show...adore it. I sobbed and sobbed when Denney died and my husband happened to come in the room at the time and I was on the phone with my sister and when he asked what was wrong I said quite truthfully "Denney died..." He sat next to me and patted my hand while I talked to my sister. When I hung up with her he said very nicely "Who is Denney hun?" Well when I pointed to the television, he started three sentences along the lines of "I THOUGHT YOU..." "I THOUGHT SOMEBODY HAD..." "YOU SCARED ME TO..." Then he decided to walk away and before he went upstairs he turned and told me I wasn't going to be able to watch television anymore if I was going to be so emotional!

    love the show...love it love it love it!!!

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    MissPriss: Your poor hubby!

    I still like Callie and I love McSteamy, I just wasn't ready for them to be together! But that should be quite interesting for all the others.

    I forgot to say that I was somewhat annoyed that George opened Izzy's envelope as she was listening to her phone message. That was private. He shouldn't know about the cheque or how much it was for. I hope he keeps it quiet. And I hope that Izzy keeps it quiet too. No need for her to become a target for those who want her for her money (read Alex).

    I think Alex will be torn between McSteamy for the prestige as someone said earlier and Addison for the actual great work that can be done.

    George needs to buck up. He's going to be some depressed.

    E.T.A. Did anyone see McSteamy's first interview on Ellen yesterday? He didn't get much time to say too much but he sure looked yummy!
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    To be fair, when Callie walked around nekkid (the first time she slept over), George had told her they were the only ones there--didn't he? Or did I get that wrong?

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    I'm going to rub my always innacurrate magic ball and predict Alex and Addison will be hooked up by the season ender.
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    Callie as a house guest.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane View Post
    To be fair, when Callie walked around nekkid (the first time she slept over), George had told her they were the only ones there--didn't he? Or did I get that wrong?
    New to this board.

    Callie deliberately took her towel off in front of Mer and George in the hallway. George had just told her that she was wearing his towel.
    Meredith's face was priceless.

    Sadly, I feel that Christina is desperate to get her big shot surgeon back. She just wouldn't want him if he could no longer operate. I find Christina to be the most complex character. She means well, but there's just some humanity that is missing. I do like her though and she and Burke make a great couple. Something interesting is bound to happen in surgery with their new little arrangement.

    McSteamy would be much less likeable if we weren't treated to him almost wearing a towel.

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