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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwhippetcrazy View Post
    Ok...so it will be a new Greys at 8pm...followed by the new CSI at 9.....

    I thought (I should say I was hoping) it would be the new Grey at 9 followed by CSI at 10 on CTV....

    I got hooked on Greys this summer during the repeats. Now it's on Thurs nights against either Survivor or CSI....
    I'll have to figure out how to record with the kids vcr
    I was hoping it would be on at 9pm too! I'm going to have to figure out that darned VCR! I can't record ever since we got digital cable this summer.

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    Grey's Anatomy Season 3

    Just thought it'd be nice to have a new thread.

    I can't wait, did you see on the commercial
    Click to see Spoiler:
    the black panties on the board

    Just in case someone was avoiding everything Grey's.
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    The 8:00 show is not the season premiere. The premiere is at 9:00. The first show will be key moments from last season and a video. I'm recording the first hour and watching the second.
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    ? just watch ctv (ontario) that wasn't the SP that was next week Ep. CTV just made a big mistake.

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    I'm a fan of both Grey's and CSI, but I'm lucky I get to watch both on the same night without having to tape either one...Where I live Survior comes on at 7, CSI at 8, and then the new show at 9...So I'll be watching CSI at 8 then Grey's at 9...I can't wait for tonight's episodes...

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    The premiere is being repeated tomorrow night on ABC.

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    The season premiere isn't exactly what I expected, but it was nonetheless very satisfying.

    And I loved seeing Steve Harris! I've missed him.

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    I loved this episode. The flashbacks were fun. Made me think about how the characters were in the first show. And Bailey still rocks my world. She is always awesome! Cristina has a heart. All around great episode.
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    Oh... this tricky tricky show. How DARE it have me bawling in one scene, and then have me crack up in the very next episode!

    Oh yes, and Caly's line, "This is high school... with scalpels"

    Argh, stupd MerDer drama. I HATE HATE HATE them together. Gimme McVet!

    Did this episode seem super fast paced to anybody else?
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    I'm so happy Greys is BACK!!

    Wow! There was a lot on tonight. So many great things.

    Click to see Spoiler:
    Christina has increased the sales of red teddy's and boyshorts, I'm sure. Have you got yours yet? Great fight brewing there between her and the mom.

    I'm sad that honesty boy didn't make it. He was really refreshing. And I really liked how they tied the father of the tree boy being soft to Bailey being soft on Izzie.

    Whew, sleezy Alex does it with the dying woman in the bar bathroom. Good message; live before you die. Yep. And eat lots of cake and chocolate! Yum.

    Hilarious that the Chief got 'caught' with Dr. McTorrid and George thought they had a thing. I really liked her apartment in the hospital though. She's moved in with the gang so that will be great.

    I'm actually liking that Meredith has the two boys fighting for her now. Yes, I still love McVet. And I was feeling sorry for poor Addison. But not for long

    But that last scene with McSteamy coming out of the steamy bathroom had me wishing I had taped it so I could rerun that scene over and over again. h He was smokin' hot
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