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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Great, instead of super skinny Meredith we'll have super skinny Calista. I wish they would leave the nights alone....hate it when they have 3 or 4 shows on at once that I have to watch. Even with 2 VCRs can't keep up. Then other nights nothing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka View Post
    I don't think they're moving it because of competition on Sunday nights. They're moving it because it doens't make sense to have two incredibly strong shows on the same night when they can move one to strengthen another night. HBO won't have any of their biggest shows airing in the Fall. And NBC got football in prime because no one else wanted it. Football is good for networks, but week to week, they can still get a bigger audience in prime with good prime shows.
    Sopranos is suppose to be coming back for its final season in January I think and Football ends in January so for most of the season they will have competition. Im not saying Desperate Housewives is going to lose to Football but its going to be to close. So instead of putting your beat two shows up against all that they needed to move one to another night and why not Thursdays? NBC doesn't have much there anymore and a new network can come in and take Must See TV away from NBC. I think ABC is trying to do that with Greys. Greys vs CSI will be great competition and if Greys loses well they will just move it to another night like Tuesday or Monday night but I doubt it will be back on Sundays at least for next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka View Post
    It's definitely why they're doing the Thursday thing. But that only works if they get people off of CSI onto Grey's ... and worn out enough on hospitals at 9 to not watch ER at 10. I think they're hoping for more there than they'll get.

    Sadly ABC does enjoy killing off a hit show. Look at what happen with them jacking with Commander and Chief. A hit show last fall... they pulled it off the air for over 2 months... and the show lost half its audience. And now is cancelled.

    So yes... that move of Grey's to 8pm (central) on a Thursday between two hours of new shows... will effect those huge ratings they have.

    Look what happen to Boston Legal when they pulled it off Sunday nights for Grey's to replace it. If ABC had any kind of brain.. they would have put Grey's and Boston Legal together on Monday nights... were they could have dominated. They have the same type of audience...

    Instead of kicking everyone's ass on Sunday nights next year... ABC will end up losing to Fox. hahaha!

    Seems like no one over at ABC got the memo that Desperate House Honey's is not all that great anymore.. and by coupling it with a new lame show... will not be a positive. Face it most people were still watching out of habit cause it was on before Grey's.

    And for the record... I can not believe they are doing another Bachelor season...

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    I think that ABC will end up changing course on the move - and I think they've built that plan into their line up. But I don't think that what they're trying to do is a horrible mistake withiout any thought. And as networks go, I don't think they have the worst record on moving shows to kill them. (I give that title to Fox, who has tried year after year to convince an 18-34 audience to stay home on Friday nights in order to watch a show they LOVED on Monday - Wednesday nights!)

    Of the examples you listed, Commander-in-Chief really died due to behind the scenes drama rather than schedule changes. (EW outlined that well in one of the past couple of issues). They had to pull it from the schedule when they did, because they had so many problems with shows being delivered on time. They gave it time to re-organize, and it didn't work.

    Boston Legal - they took a somewhat strong show (though not as strong as Grey's) to build a new night. It's done pretty well.

    I agree that Houswives is a craptacular show this season, but the ratings are still there. And they're only moving one show out of that night - certainly not throwing in the towel. And I firmly believe it'll maintain higher ratings than footbal - just like CBS's Monday night lineup out performed Monday Night Football.

    Monday nights are laid out perfectly for Grey's to move there. It won't kill Grey's, and it'll boost the night. I think it will end up there before November. They'll realize that people are over The Bachelor, and move it to Thursdays to die a slow death.

    FWIW, I also think that ABC has a good record of correcting mistakes they've made putting good shows on the wrong nights. They made a mistake putting Supernanny on Fridays, and moved it back to where it did better. They made a mistake putting Alias on Thursdays, and moved it back. (not that it did them much good since Jennifer Garner becoming a mom threw a wrench into things) I think that more of their putting a show in a bad spot to die moves are due to behind the scenes politics than anything else.

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    I recall a recent article pointing out how Desperate House Honey's had lost nearly 6 or 7 million viewers over just a one year span... which would have hurt alot more if they had not been pulling in CSI ratings. I had stopped watching last fall... and went back to watching L&O CI.

    Only recently did I start taping House Honey's... only because they were finally going to explain who the Applewhite's were... and their secret... that turned out to be the biggest let down.

    And speaking of CSI... I am stunned that ABC feels the need to place Grey's against it on Thursdays... is CSI a 8pm show too? Tho I do have to admit... I have never watched CSI. Never had an interest. But lordy it has seriously huge audience.

    So I sit and hope that Grey's gets moved to Mondays... with Boston Legal... were I will have something to watch. haha! Tuesday nights for me is already packed between Veronica Mars and House. Then of course... SVU and Boston Legal... It would be heaven if Boston and Grey's got matched up and placed on Mondays. There are only so many reruns of L&O I can watch on TNT.

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    CSI is currently running at 9pm on the west coast so it might be ok but I agree, Grey's should stay where it is on Sunday.
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    Well, I am totally exhausted. Between Greys, and Desperate, and the other finales, I need some sleep.

    My tape cut off the last part of the Greys finale. The last I saw, Denny was happily alive with Izzie, Christina had bailed on Burke who was getting some feeling in his hand during the operation, and the interns were planning a party.

    Then I pop in here and find out Denny died, the doggie died , and Mer and McDreamy made out at the prom. And Dr. McVet is out in the cold. And finally George made out with McTorrid. That's probably the best part of the whole show. I loved that George owned up to the fact that he knew Mer didn't want to have sex with him and HE took advantage of the situation. That was big of him. I feel bad for Addison...she knows she's alone in the marriage.

    Why did Denny's heart stop after it seemed to be working? Did it happen while everyone was at the prom? And then Alex comforted Izzie? OMG. Is that when everyone realized who they really loved? When did the dog die? Did McVet tell Mer or Derek? I missed it all

    It was great that the lady cardio surgeon got to perform on Denny regardless of her losing the heart for her patient. But the waiting, and the waiting for that heart to beat....man, that was hard.

    And Christina bailed so badly on Burke in surgery. Thank goodness McDreamy stepped in and she stepped out of the room. I guess she really realized whether she loved Burke or not. ANd I'm thinking Not. now.

    The whole show about relationships and that you don't get to choose who you fall in love with was fabulous. And if you were in that situation what would you do?
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    misskitty, Meredith and Derek did a little more than just make-out and George has already been sleeping with Dr. Torres but their kiss in the hall was hot!

    It was a good episode. I wish I hadn't lent my season 1 dvd to a friend (who I told has to return to me by the end of July ) so that I could watch it again. I guess I'll have to break the seal on the Lost season 1 dvd that's been collecting dust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    Then I pop in here and find out Denny died, the doggie died , and Mer and McDreamy made out at the prom.

    Why did Denny's heart stop after it seemed to be working? Did it happen while everyone was at the prom? And then Alex comforted Izzie? OMG. Is that when everyone realized who they really loved? When did the dog die? Did McVet tell Mer or Derek? I missed it all

    I believe the reason Denny died was from a blood clot that caused a stroke. It was quite and sudden. No big drawn out death scene. He simply went limp sitting in bed.

    Oh and the dog, Doc, had to be put down... and I had to front forward through most it or I would have cried for an hour.

    Meredith did the big nasty with Derrick in the room. And as they were getting dressed... and Meredith is in a panic where her panties where at... Callie walks in looking Meredith. So Callie knows they did the nasty... and she helped Meredith get her dress tied back on so they both could go to ICU for Izzie... where Izzie was crawled into bed with a very dead Denny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muggle View Post
    Sorry I'm late to the party here, but I didn't want to TIVO last night because of the schedule change, so I plugged an ancient device called a Videotape in instead. Of course, the
    fyi..... Tivo did a beautiful job of picking up right where it was supposed to. GA aired when it was supposed to at 9, so that wouldn't have been a problem. But Prison Break aired right after dumbass got off of the television and Tivo started taping it at the perfect moment even when I hadn't had a chance to change the programming. whew
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