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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    After last night Meredith should be referred to as McHerpes and Derek as McD*ckhead. That scene was very disturbing to me, that after Meredith knew what kind of destruction her mother's affair caused, she would allow something like that to happen, knowingly screwing him when Addison was right down the hall. And he was just like a dog marking his territory, he saw her with Finn and decided to throw her a bone (literally) to show that she was his. I really feel bad for Addison when she was talking about Prom bringing back bad memories of braces and being a band geek, he wasn't even listening to her he was looking at Meredith. Which brings me to, hey what is so great about her anyway? She needs to seriously eat a twinkie. I'll stop there so I don't say anything really mean. Oh well. Everything is JMHO, so I will get off my soapbox...

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    AmyLee - Thank you for the ID on the friend of the chief's niece who played Mark Greene's daughter. It was bothering me the entire episode trying to figure out who she was!!!!

    On the realism of the show -- I think we've been spoiled in recent years with workplace dramas that really emphasize the realism. This is not one of them. Yes, 20/20 did a story claiming that the stories are based in reality. They are, in the "figure out a way we could make this happen" kind of way. But not in trying to depict real life in a hospital's surgery wing. LA Law wasn't all that realistic when it came to law, and this is the same way.

    The medical stories are used as symbolism for the drama going on in the character's lives, or to illustrate the flaws and strengths of the characters. Many of those are very obvious - such as Doc being symbolic of Meredith and Derek's relationship - Addison signing the papers to end it, and neither of them wanting to let go. Other cases help the characters to recognize what is happening in their lives - Addison hearing the chief's niece talking about her first time, and recognizing the lack of love and romance in her own marriage. But this show will never be about the cases. It's the drama of a bunch of characters who all have flaws which are highlighted in some shows and hidden in others. That's the thing I've grown to like the most about the show - the characters I cant' stand in one episode are the ones who really come through for me to cheer for down the road (such as Alex with Izzy last night). THAT is where the realism in this show comes from. No one on this earth is entirely a good guy or entirely a bad guy, and the characters on the show demonstrate exactly that.

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    very well said, veruka....i couldn't agree with you more! in fact, last night was less about the patients (denny, burke & cheif's neice) and more about the relationships of all the characters. that said, i LOVED it! although, like someone mentioned upthread, i'm not sure how i feel about derek & merediths' tryst. it left me feeling.....angry at derek....disappointed in meredith....and hurt for finn & addison. but any show that can make me feel that gammut of emotions is fine by me! not to mention the absolute heartwrenching death of denny, and christina's loss of control also had be crying. while the medical situations may not be realistic, the characters are real for me...conflicted, emotional, torn...the depth of each character is what makes this show so wonderful. what will we do until next season? LONG LIVE RE-RUNS!

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    There's already too much on Thursday as it is! grrr

    From tvguide.com

    ABC's Fall Schedule: Grey's Goes to Thursday

    ABC's official fall schedule, released on Tuesday and posted in its entirety on the Ausiello Report, relocates the red-hot Grey's Anatomy to Thursdays at 9 pm/ET, where it will be sandwiched between a new comedy block (Big Day and Notes from the Underbelly) and the new drama Six Degrees. (Oh, and it will contend there with CBS' CSI and NBC's buzz-worthy Studio 60.) Seizing Grey's plum post-Housewives berth is Calista Flockhart's Brothers & Sisters.

    Also of note: Season 3 of Dancing with the Stars will air Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8; the hostage drama The Nine gets the Lost lead-out slot freed up by the ejection of Invasion; and Friday night will be the home of two newcomers: Betty the Ugly and Men in Trees. Conspicuously MIA is the talked-about drama Secrets of a Small Town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots View Post
    Yup, that's Sam & Dean's dad. I'm probably the only person who actually wanted Denny to die, as payback for what a horrible thing Izzy did (cheating some little kids' father out of his rightful heart) and because I'm hoping to see more of him on Supernatural.

    And I agree about the lack of believability. I spent the first hour and a half rolling my eyes and wondering if I'd even bother with this show next season, but then it redeemed itself in the last 20 minutes. For me anyway. I never actually came to the point of tears, but I was close when Cristina finally clasped Burke's hand.

    You are not the only person who felt no sympathy for Izzie and Denny. I was more upset at the scene when the dog died than I was when Denny died. I was really hoping someone who tell Izzie about the man who was supposed to get that heart.

    The Chief having an affair with Meredith's mother seemed to come out of no where last night, when the chief was interviewing each intern. But like others of you, I thought that whole scene was strange. I wish there could be one happy couple on the show. Dr. Bailey's husband is rarely seen.

    I'm also getting tired of the love triangle betwen the Sheperds and Meredith. Either have Meredith and McDreamy get together or end it. Prolonged 3-way relationships can get old. I'm not sure I can take another seaon of it.

    Overall, I thought the show was more like a soap opera than the drama/comedy I was used to.

    RE: the chief's niece. Where were her parents? Did I miss something where they established that she lived with her aunt and uncle?

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    The chief's wife said something about telling her sister that her daughter had cancer again - but to the best of my knowledge, that is the only mention/explanation we got.

    Given the Meredith / Derek turn in storyline, I thought that bringing up Ellis and the chief made a lot of sense. We're supposed to see Meredith and Derek as the modern day Ellis / Chief. The chief is feeling the fallout of not following his heart and going with Ellis when he had a chance. He is what Derek will be if he stays with Addison. Likewise, in her mother, Meredith can see what will happen to her if she continues to cling to a man she can't have. They (Meredith and Derek) can see their future, and know that is not desirable. So the question is, was the chief right in doing what he did? If so, Meredith needs to "make Ellis' mistake right" by moving on from Derek. If not, then Derek needs to make the chief's mistake right by moving on from Addison.

    On the Izzy and Denny thing ... I'll admit it, I liked the storyline. Organ donation has always been a hot button issue with me. IMO, Izzy's irrational behavior illustrated the desperation of waiting for a donor organ incredibly well. She answered the question of "what if you had a chance to change the process?" The tragedy of organ donation is that virtually EVERY patient who needs a donor organ is deserving. Absolutely the father with the two children deserved the heart. But so did the guy who had fallen in love and was desparate to live a normal life. With the possible exception of Larry Hagman (sorry, bitter grudge) who DOESN'T deserve the second chance at life with a healthier organ? The politics of organ transplants has nothing to do with who is deserving from a personal standpoint ... the minor little detials like 17 seconds do matter, and they're what make the decisions. The ups and downs that Denny went through twice of thinking they'd found a heart, and then losing it is very real. Izzy's desperation illustrated the hopelessness of loved ones who also go through the ups and downs. Her desperation and irrationality were just more clearly illustrated because in her position, they were able to play out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka View Post
    With the possible exception of Larry Hagman (sorry, bitter grudge) who DOESN'T deserve the second chance at life with a healthier organ?
    OK, I'll bite. What did Larry Hagman do to you?

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    All I can say is WOW. Watching Denny doing his crossword or reading the magazine and get that look on his face, I got tingles everywhere. I watched my mom die in the hospital and it just struck a nerve. I'm very happy he died quickly without a big hoopla and agree that the whole Merideth/Derek situation was classless. Can't wait for the FALL!!
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    I think Hagman, like Jerry Garcia and um, some other celebrities who seem to move up the transplant list to replace their livers after they destroyed their own with drugs while people with congential disorders die waiting on the list. I don't know for sure though, QBoots.

    Regarding last night's episode - was I the only one wondering if Denny had time to change his will and name Izzy in it before he died? Mariner, you had to be thinking about that too, because as a person heading in for a transplant, a majorly risky surgery, he would be asked if he had his "affairs in order" and even though that was before he actually proposed to Iz, he might have been thinking about it. It was my understanding that he was rather well-off. Ok, I'm an unromantic. Alex redeemed himself quite a bit by telling Iz that Denny would not have wanted her to destroy her career. He showed much more sensitivity than his character usually displays.

    Very disappointed with Mer and Der. They are losers who deserve each other. Finn and Addison are both better off without them. Who gets it on at the PROM while your date is down the hall?
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    Damn it. I hate ABC. I love having Grey's on Sunday at 10. It makes the looming Monday not so bad. Thursdays at nine, eh? I'll have to figure it out.

    ETA: That's exactly what I was wondering LG. It will be interesting to see if Denny did change his will. I've done my share of hospital signings and let me tell you it is not fun. The worst was a guy I'd worked with for nine years who died of lung cancer after being diagnosed 10 days before. I don't think I'll ever forget all the tubes and lines or the two of us talking about it knowing he was dying.
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