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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Thanks guys.
    I'll have to set all my VCR's to Canadian channels tonight then.

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    Ughh I missed last nights show but hope to catch it if they show it tonight before the actual finale.
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    Oh I wish they would not kill off Denny, I have grown to really like him. - I know this thread has had mixed feelings on Denny but I'm a convert and love his character. Could we start a SAVE DENNY campaign over the summer, if he lasts that long?

    Izzy is very unpopular on this thread. I know she is off the deep end doing crazy things for LOVE, but hey, this is an over the top drama TV show. I think she represents what we all wish we would have the courage to do to save someone, rather than see him die. I applaud the complexity and passion the writers have given her character. If I wanted reality medical shows, I would watch Discovery channel.

    I wrote to the writers of the show months ago and told them to stop making Meredith such a pathetic character, they have really ruined her, I hope we see a turnaround next season.

    Does anyone know what the trailer was for the movie website that Izzy was in?

    I have grown to like Addison also, she is really trying and has taken enough crap.

    Where are the spoilers on this thread? No information, no leaks, come on....
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    Rumi, the movie that Katherine Heigl was in that they're really promoting right now is Side Effects. I've gotten quite a few sale emails for it in the last week alone. *sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby View Post
    I will be stunned if ABC airs anything but Grey's at 8pm (central time). First of all... it will kill their ratings. Which you know they will win if they air on time. And lets be honest they are going to air that stupid presidential speech all over the cable news channels. There is no need to screw up their night of ratings to hear a man carry-on about nothing. Its not as if he is going to announce he is an idiot. Or tell us gas isn't going to be 3.00 a gallon anymore. Whatever he babbles on about... is not worth screwing up this night of finale's. (I have to record Medium too!) If I wanted to hear anything that pinhead had to say... I would flip on CNN and put on the mute button.
    Too funny Gaby.

    I had a hard time watching the whole Izzy part of the show last night. It was just too much. I've always liked that character and now she's truly lost it.

    I know I'm proably in the minority but I really like the Addison character and always have. I really had high hopes that their marriage would work and that Meredith would move on to a more stable relationship. I'll be curious to see how it all plays out. If Meredith and McDreamy end up together, I think the show will be ruined for me.

    Hope Burkes OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka View Post
    However, the networks know that the reputation of their news department is at stake, and if their competitors carry it and they don't, it (in theory) hurts their credibility. In addition, the press office remembers which networks grant their requests and which do not when it comes to scheduling exclusive interviews. If ABC were to say "no" to too many speeches when NBC and CBS said yes,then when Diane Sawyer was trying to get the same interview as Brian Williams, ABC would lose out.
    With the country finally waking up to what a whack-job this president is, I would think the networks would GAIN credibility by not carrying it!!

    And the White House gives out oh-so-many press opportunities as it is...

    I'm really glad they're re-airing (most) of GA from last night, because I'm in the northeast where all the flooding is happening and our reception was going in and out for the last ten minutes or so. Hope the president doesn't go on longer than his alloted 20 minutes!

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    Well, ol' prez has to do his thing, and then the other guys have to come on to tell you what he said, and let's not forget that the dems and repubs have to come on and give their take on what ol' prez said. Hopefully, 'the shrub' will not be taking questions. I've always wondered why the big 3 stations did not rotate who would cover the speeches; 1 dedicated station per event.

    Grey's finale is going to be so big that this is just wrong! It's not as if you're not going to hear about his speech for the next several days.

    About George and Dr. Torres....a woman should never be the first person to say, "I love you" in the relationship. That will, easily, cause a guy to put on his track shoes and get into the starting blocks!

    The writiers are doing a great job with this show!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee View Post
    I hate that Desperate Hobags is getting priority over this show, if bush interrupts i'll be extremely pissed.

    That conversation with the vet, wasn't just about the dog, trust me. And at the end when Meredith said she loved him, i believe she meant Derek.
    I thought it was derek as well.

    I AM THROUGH w/ GA. If tonight doesn't happen in a REALISTIC way, I quite. I am annoyed w/ the crazy desperate housewives crap the writers are pulling on this show.

    (realistic being izzie's liscense taken away & charges filed, & some ppl growing a backbone)

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    FORT Fogey
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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce View Post
    I know I'm proably in the minority but I really like the Addison character and always have.
    It's strange to be a fan of a show and not like the title character but that's where I'm at. I've like Addision and thought Derek should have used Meredith as a now we're even thing and then tried to save his marriage.

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    Does this show have to have every person from Veronica Mars on it??? Girl who played Jackie is the Chief's daughter.

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