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2.01: Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head: Meredith works with Addison on a case. Richard tries to get George to tell him the hospital gossip.

2.02: Make Me Lose Control
Cristina is pregnant, and Meredith thinks that she should tell the father, but Cristina refuses. Derek, Meredith & Alex treat a girl who is having surgery for her excessive blushing.

2.03: Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing
Derek & Alex work together on a domestic violence case. Meredith's mom, Ellis, is now a patient at the hospital and everyone humors her when she thinks that she is still a surgeon. Cristina is also a patient this week, and finds it difficult to stay in bed. Alex agrees to work on a project with Izzie. George thinks that it's just a way for Alex to win the bet he made (that he could get Izzie to sleep with him) and threatens to tell Izzie the truth.

2.04: Bring The Pain
When Alex & George get trapped in an elevator with a heart patient, Burke must talk them through heart surgery to save the patient's life. Meredith & Derek work together on a case. Crisina gets discharged from the hospital and immediately jumps back into work. Izzie is angry with Alex. Richard reveals that he & Ellis had an affair years ago, when they were both married to others.