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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    My, it's QUIET on this board tonight, ...... oh oh.. I said the "Q" word!
    Awww........and I always thought the "Q" word was Qboots.

    I loved the bathroom scene last night, with George trying to mug Cristina and then Torres comes out of a stall and doesn't say a word.

    So do we believe Meredith's patient died because she didn't finish her hot chocolate?

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    Wasn't that the spleen woman that bled out earlier? There sure was a lot going on in this episode, so I may have it confused!

    She took 2 sips of the "juju" so as not to refuse it...like she did earlier...just in case her refusal was connected with the death....which we all know it wasn't. And if I have the wrong patient...I don't know why I wasted my time writing this.
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    Spleen woman was an idiot. She needs life-saving surgery but refuses to consent until after midnight because of a superstition. So death rears it's ugly head and takes her before midnight. Ah well, there's one less stalker in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lois Lane View Post

    The whole "ju ju" hot chocolate thing made me want to puke puke. Ugh... I see no need to be friends with someone because you're colleagues or because your husband slept with them. Be civil. Be courteous if need be. But friends? I don't think so.
    Exactly ... it was forced, so it SEEMED forced. SheShep is not a "good actress" , but she is trying to keep her husband.

    She (the character) is trying for the "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" angle, I guess
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    Don't like the Meredith/Derek/Addison triangle -it's getting old now. Either break up the marriage and have Derek back with Mere, or have Meredith find some new, super hot guy that she really likes and let Derek be the green eyed monster for a change. Addison is okay, but her excuse for cheating was lame, lame, lame. Derek's an idiot for taking her back and giving up on a possibility for true love. He lost a lot of credibility on that one.

    Heard on Kirsten's super spoiler section that one of the regular characters is a bisexual and his/her same sex love interest will be introduced in a later episode. I can't imagine who it could be. The only one I can think of is the older male doctor. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Which older male doctor? The chief? He's already an alcoholic adulterer... surely each charactor is only allowed 2 major secrets?
    Burke? the neat freak and good cook...surely they wouldn't go with the stereotype? (I'm waiting to see a messy gay guy, with no fashion sense, on TV).
    Alex? Might explain all that desperate womanizing.... he's fighting his bi impulses....guess he's not older tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florimel View Post
    LG gave you a very good answer to this. I just wanted to add that it is not only inside the theater. Actors rarely mention this play by name; they call it "the Scottish play."

    If you're interested, here is a link to some info on some of the things that have happened and why the play is believed to be "cursed."

    Thanks for the great website and for the answers from both of you! I loved the Austin Chronicle article: Charlton Heston's tights were accidentally soaked in kerosene! What a great article! So, don't say the Scottish Play's name in a theatre and don't say the Q word in the ER. One to add: Never say "all of the children are asleep." Trust me, at least one will wake up immediately!!!

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    Oh man... i freakin loved George's phone call at the end of the episode. I was like,"d'aw... that's so cute."

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    There was no #7

    I was kind of glad when Alex went off on George about "getting over it and quit pouting". Also Izzy getting in Christina's face and telling her that she would beat her prissy Beverly Hills butt cause she grew up in a trailer park. Interesting to find out the chief became an alcoholic because of Meredith's mom and his affair with her. With everybody's skeletons in their past, they are going to start tripping over them. First it was va jay jay and now ju-ju. Gotta love it.

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    Denny is gorgeous. Alex is a total jerk and I am glad that Izzie broke up with him. Alex yelling at George in the locker room was uncalled for. He was just mad because Izzie broke up with him. What does that have to do with George? I am getting tired of Meredith's character and the whole triangle. I think the other characters are much more interesting.

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