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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    I can't wait for the show tonight!
    From abc.com:

    Sunday, Mar. 12 at 10/9c.
    Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole
    It becomes a bad day for Cristina when Bailey instructs her to take care of her baby. Meanwhile, Derek and Addison come to terms with their relationship, and Denny continues to be an obstacle in Alex's getting closer to Izzie.
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    i feel so bad for izzy, i hope the patient doesn't die

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    Didn't we read that Denny
    Click to see Spoiler:
    was on for 6 more shows or something--hopefully this means he doesn't die next week.

    Really he's too perfect... sweet, funny, smart , cute and rich... what if he gets a new heart and turns into a horrible person? Otherwise I don't see how Alex has a chance, and Izzy will be out of the storyline drama because she'll be with perfect Denny... so he has to die eventually, or change.

    Interesting that Derek took the aneurysm patient/husband message to heart. I also thought he might be jealous about George, even if it clearly didn't go well.
    The poor hockey kid... I read it on the internet....

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    I can see that Meredith telling, Shep that affected him.
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    I love this show. Christina taking care of Bailey's kid is priceless.
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    Men never accept that, even if you enjoy their company... and you have a close friendship... that it will never be anything romantic for you. No matter how many times you state that fact... the male continues to think it's just a matter of time. And if he can get enough alcohol in you.
    I guess I am lucky then. I have a number of male friends who it is just friends with. They never try to take advantage of me, get me drunk, or anything like that. They are happy to just be my friends and I thank my stars for them every day

    The show tonight wasn't as compelling to me...though I did like George and Burke bonding and Christina with the baby.
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    Seemed like Dr. McDreamy got a little jealous when Meredith finally told him that she slept with George. Poor George, he whacked his hair off because of her. George and Dr. Burke bonding is just too funny. When she came home and they were playing instruments, that was priceless.

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    I actually kind of liked George's hair. I didn't think it was as bad as they made it out to be. Christina and the baby, was definitely priceless. The scene where she was "singing" to him was spot on.

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    Ooo.... and there was more of Dr McSaucy aka- Dr Torres! Why was i totally thinking the wrong direction when she asked George if he wanted to see somethin really cool.....and the whole "Seriously? .......... does she have a couch you can sleep on" part.

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    I'm happy that Alex cleared away any residual confusion about his motives speaking out against Izzie's relationship with Denny. I'd thought until last night that he might primarily be advocating some professional distancing, but now I see he's lashing out from pure slimedoggie mode. He has issues with Izzie he should've buttoned his lip till he saw her. His unprofessional and seedly little exchange with Denny makes Izzie appear to be an ethical paragon in comparison. Alex had a defining moment last night. He chose to define himself as scum through his actions.

    Izzie looks to be the only one of the four interns that has a love connection, the one she has with Denny. Meredith and Christine look more like they have itches that need periodic scratching, I've yet to see them look at someone like Izzie does at Denny whether he is awake or not and display the same level of personal connection. George? Who cares? He's got Dr. Hottie breathing down his neck and can not or will not do anything about it. Maybe he needs a dolly instead of a woman. She didn't seem too aware to me when she informed him the ball is in his court. If she wants a piece of Georgie, she may as well accept that she'll have to physically trip him and have at him or find someone else more receptive to getting physical. George blew his wad mustering up whatever stones he used to have telling his fairy princess Meredith that he loved her. That used him up completely, just the telling. Even if Meredith had loved him back, she would have needed to be the aggressor.

    The 'friendship' between Meredith and McDreamy may get complicated, but last night made it getting physical much less likely, IMO. He had an opportunity to do some self reflecting about his wife and his marriage, and he looked to me like someone that was serious about trying to work things out with her. If he felt anything when Meredith announced that she'd done George, the moment passed pretty quickly. He wouldn't have any right to feel put out to begin with, and if he did feel that way he probably recognized it as a destructive feeling he'd be better off not embracing.

    Dr. Mom is someone I really enjoy. 'Let me hear the baby cry....that's cry #4, he/she wants to eat'

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