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Thread: Grey's Anatomy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy View Post
    ugh .. Meredith is such a user. She is using George to drown her sorrows, poor schmuck... Meredith always seems to turn to sex to fill her emotional voids - she has a problem.
    I loved Christina and Preston dancing together - finally something other than smoldering sex between them.
    speaking of sex .. Alex seems to have overcome his performance anxiety.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I wonder if the gorgeous Dr. Mark convinces Alex that cosmetics is where the money and prestige are and Alex is the intern to leave the medicine program to specialize in plastics

    I really hope that Addison goes back to New York with Mark. They are cut from the same cloth.
    I hate (read: love) how the writers make the 'bad guys' so damned sympathetic and human. Addison was supposed to be the she hound from hell but she has a good personality and a giving nature - I actually like her. Knowing now that she stayed with Mark and continued their affair after Derek left.. then had the nerve to barge in on his life and demand another chance makes me like her just slightly less.
    Addison and Derek have given it a shot, they earned their way out of the marriage.. I say let it die.
    Mark is, of course, a tiny bit loathesome, his love for Addison, and his single minded determination to convince her to follow her heart is marginally redeeming. Refering to himself as a 'Dirty Mistress' was quite funny.

    So.... which one of you kind hearted Americans is going to fill us in on the preview that was shown??
    I agree with all these comments - and just want to add - why do they have to make Meredith such a slut. She has been sleeping around randomly with so many people since McDreamy left her. it's over the top and very UN-cool. I see the writing on the wall - Addison and McSteamy get back together but McDreamy wont want Meredith after her true confessions of whoredom.

    I think you are right on about the spoiler guess.

    Love the show, but the writing is using too many cheap tricks... Do they think people really accept this sexual promiscuity as normal? If so - its a sad state of mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike'sgirl View Post
    Eric Dane as Dr. Mark Sloan
    Great, now I'm going to get him mixed up with Dick Van Dyke

    (Diagnosis Murder - same character name )
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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7 View Post
    Meredith = "McSlutty"
    I agree...some one previously mentioned "George" being on Law & Order and noted his acting range. Meredith was also on the show, her character however left that ewww in the pit of your stomache and basically is a factor in why I think I don't like her now (recognized her when I started watching Grey's couldn't remember from where and was watching re-runs when I was like OH, that's why). WHY does she have to do that to George! He didn't realize she was just using him. I feel sorry for guys like him. I knew one, loved my friend, was always there when other guys hurt her....she totally abused him like I imagine meredith will....Today was the first day I felt sorry for Addison, Meredith's quote at the end abt McDreamy was true "he's the type of guy you don't leave if you can help it"
    all the McNaming is getting old but today it was funny, I nearly spit out my drink w/ the McVomit....my roommate's still laughing about it

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    Although I agree Meredith shouldn't use George and sleep with him for comfort, lets be honest, as much as I LOVE George, he has to realize the state of mind she is in too.... she just went thru a life changing experience with the bomb, then find out about her mom cheating on her dad, plus, George knows she is still in love with McDreamy... he must know in the back of his mind that sleeping with her isn't the right thing to do in her frame of mind??? It takes two to tango, and Meredith isn't the only one to blame.... George may want her to love him, but he's a smart guy, he knows she doesn't love him...

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    It's official. I love George. They should write a female art school student in as a love interest for him. Quirky art school student+ Geoge= GOLD! *is from Seattle. Is a Seattle Art student. Volunteers*

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    Meridith isnt my favorite character but I also put her behavior in perspective. EW had posted a link to a blog where the writer (Shondra cant remember her last name right now...)talked about the bomb episode. In that she addressed complaints from fans who say Mer is too whiny by saying she is meant to be whiny considering her family situation (or lack there of) and I think all of that is manifested in her relationship (or lack there of) with men.

    I love Geroge but I cant buy she and Mer together. He is a good guy but I cant see them ever being together - maybe for a fling. He just screams girl's best friend and thats it. There is some girl out there for him but I think the intern girls are too Type A for his personality.

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    Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this show!

    It's so cool how Burke and Christine are so totally different and yet fit together so very well. The moment of dancing at the start was hilarious. I must admit I like the looks of McSteamy more than McDreamy, however, he did make out with his best friend's wife. Not a good quality. And McDreamy, as Meredith stated, isn't the type of man you leave easily. He still has great qualities and never really cheated on anyone. I found it interesting that Alex took a liking to plastic surgery. I hope he follows that as a specialty. That could open the door to keep McSteamy around a bit.

    Addison certainly isn't perfect; but she had the chance to flee with McSteamy and didn't. Wasn't that ironic how McSteamy ends up waiting in the bar for her, just as Meredith waited for McDreamy to show up prior to that.

    The line about "feeding the beast!" is great! I may use it sometimes! That and "having episodes" .

    I guess I disagree with some of you in that I don't HATE Meredith. She certainly has her problems and is not dealing with them well, but she didn't chose what happened to her growing up. And it doesn't seem like she got a lot of help or security from anyone. That's why she was vulnerable to George. Not that I like that they hooked up.

    I hate to see George hurt, but maybe that will get him moving along onto others, once he has confidence and his dream of M is shattered. It wasn't just M's mom who betrayed her father, but the Chief who betrayed his wife, and then betrayed Merediths mother by not dumping his wife. That actually makes the Chief a nasty guy.

    George and Meredith will not end up together. He said exactly what she wanted and NEEDED to hear at the time. "I will never leave you. I will always love you." That's his failing for I don't think Meredith would be comfortable with that even though she thinks it is what she wants.

    In the end, I'm still rooting for George!
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    Well Said MissKitty!!! I don't hate Mer either, and I love George, but the two of them don't mix!!

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    When Meredith started to kiss George, I almost threw up! It looked like brother-sister ugggghhhh! I knew girls in my sorority who acted that way and just hooked up to make themselves feel better, but they had the worst self-esteem, and just hurt themselves each time. I wish they would not make Meredith out to be such an immature, slutty character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggbaddgirl View Post
    I kept saying to the hubby last night that he looked like and older Leo Dicaprio. Glad I wasn't the only one who saw this.
    Oh Yeah...I see it too!
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