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Question: Is there going to be another guy involved in the whole Izzie and Alex relationship on Grey's Anatomy? I hope not — they just got back together. — Amy

Ausiello: Bad news. Remember that heart-transplant patient named Denny who made googly eyes at Izzie in the Jan. 15 episode? Well, as revealed exclusively in the current issue of TV Guide, he's coming back for a nine-episode arc to "shake things up a little bit," says Denny's portrayer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. "Denny isn't going anywhere, and Alex isn't going anywhere.… Neither of them wants to let Izzie go." Now, this is where things get a little confusing. I'm also hearing that Chris O'Donnell's character is being brought on as a love interest for Izzie, so either Katherine Heigl is going to have three guys fighting over her or someone's spreading a little misinformation. Knowing those sneaky Grey's folks like I do, I'm guessing it's the latter.