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From maebytonight: Anything on Grey's? Great episode last night.
'Twas, no? Really funny stuff coming up with George sleeping with someone else in the hospital, and with one of the female doctors getting pregnant by another doctor. It's the female doctor you'd least expect.
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From carolina: Patrick Dempsey's character's secret: He's married? Okay, and the Blind Riddle about the ice queen--is it someone on a reality show?
The Ice Queen is not on a reality show, and as for P. Dempy, here's what I can tell you--read only if you want to know--one of the last scenes of the last episode has a woman walking into the hospital, and someone asks Meredith to tell Patrick's character that his wife is there. Now, as someone who happens to refer to every good-looking guy on TV as my future husband, I can only say that it's highly possibly this chick is delusional. But we shall see, mes cheris.

From angelgirlla: Could it be his ex-wife?
Absolutely. Could I be his wife? Absolutely.
Comment: After last night's episode, I'd put money on Cristina as the mommy-to-be. Can't wait to see how she (and I assume, Burke) handles this.