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Thread: Spring Break Shark Attack...

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    Spring Break Shark Attack...

    Spring Break Shark Attack
    09:00 PM ET -CBS-
    "Jaws" does 2005: "Spring Break Shark Attack" follows beautiful college student Danielle (Shannon Lucio, recently departed from "The O.C.") as she defies her parents and -- along with her two best friends -- heads to Florida for Spring Break. (Whooo!) Once there, she falls head-over-heels for local hottie Shane (Riley Smith, "Not Another Teen Movie"). Later, Danielle reconnects with brother Charlie (Wayne Thorley), a graduate student in marine biology who warns her and her friends to stay out of the water; he suspects a large contingent of sharks is in the area (D'oh!). Danielle, of course, doesn't heed his advice. Kathy Baker ("Picket Fences") and Bryan Brown ("The Thorn Birds," "Cocktail") also star.
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    What's pretty funny about the movie is that there currently IS a shark infestation on Delray Beach, FL right now. The beaches are closed for Spring Break, because of the hundreds upon hundreds of sharks in the water, waiting to move north into warmer water.

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    If they named Shannon's character "Lindsay", I wouldn't take a second thought at thinking this were a spin-off of The O.C. Her character Danielle was exactly like Lindsay- shy nerdy girl with the hard-working guy (he might as well been from Chino and named Ryan) love interest. Anyway, it was a mediocre teen plot , I'm not really sure why I watched it..

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