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Thread: The Sketch Show

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    The Sketch Show

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone caught this show last night? It's Kelsey Grammer's new show and me and my mom watched it last night.

    It was HILARIOUS!

    Tons of short, sweet little skits and gags. Simple but very funny...it makes me feel nostalgic for "Whose Line is it Anyway?" (God, how I miss that show).

    Anyways, it's on on Sundays at 9:30 pm on FOX.

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    I caught it....and I really liked it. Kelsey Grammar was very funny, and I really liked the short skits. Some less than 10 secs long.
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    Hee hee, I know. "We've come here for two (k)nights." "No need to be testy!". Ahh, love it.

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    I saw the show and thought it was awesome. all those short skits are so fun. I really liked the re-occuring bits, super funny. That one blonde girl is really cute, and funny. I feel you on the "whose line is it..." nostalgia. Its that British humor.

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    Brilliant show....reminds me of (showing my age now) Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In....it's like watching one-liners.....best line of the night:

    "Oh good, that means he didn't get out of the bag!"

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