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Thread: Norm Macdonald's New Show Back to Norm

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    Norm Macdonald's New Show Back to Norm

    Hopefully Comedy Central will pick up the show for the Fall. Tapings are happening this week.

    I'm excited cause I'm a big Norm fan!

    Those fans in the Los Angeles area are invited to a LIVE taping of "BACK TO NORM," a sketch comedy show starring Norm Macdonald and written, directed, and produced by BRUCE MCCULLOCH.

    When: Tuesday, March 15th

    Time: 7:00PM and 9:00PM

    Where: The Production Group
    ************ 1330 Vine St.
    ************ Los Angeles, CA 90028

    Free Parking (please bring ticket, we will validate):
    ArcLight Cinemas
    **************6360 Sunset Blvd.
    **************Los Angeles, CA 90028

    RSVP Line - (310) 407-4716

    Please leave your name, telephone # and which show you will be attending.

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    ok, seriously.. every show that Norm has been the star of has failed miserably. I don't understand why they keep giving him shows. Norm is like the sitcom kiss of death.
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    With this show you have the wonderful mix of Bruce McCulloch from Kids in the Hall. Bruce may probably pull some his comedy pals from KITH to appear. Bruce's a funny guy and the KITH had a terrific mix of sketch comedy.

    Norm's not a great sitcom actor, but I'm sure he'll be great in sketch comedy.

    Give it a chance!

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    I hope a Canadian channel will pick this up. I lurve Norm MacDonald. I've always loved his sitcoms and never understood why they don't do well. Just like Bonnie Hunt: she totally cracks me up when she's on Letterman, but her series never last very long.

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    I've always thought Norm was extremely funny - his sense of humor tickles me. But apparently it doesn't tickle everyone. I thought he was great in the news segment on SNL - but that didn't go over, and, yes, his sitcoms just don't fly. Too bad, he seems like a genuinely good guy - and he loves weiner dogs.

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