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Michael hires two things for Phyllis' bachelorette party - a stripper and a Ben Franklin impersonator. Um...ok. Karen is going to confront Pam about Jim (I hope that Pam doesn't just say that she and Jim are just friends because I can see her doing that, and then Karen going back to Jim and saying Pam is not interested in him like that...the ennui of it all. Hopefully Pam will say that it's up to Karen to deal with Jim, not with her).
At Phyllis' weding there is a scene with Roy, Angela, Pam & Dwight dancing together...(not sure what that means. Slow dancing? No Pam/Roy action, please!). Pam thinks about what her wedding would have been like (uh oh). Michael gets kicked out of the wedding for doing something obnoxious (how surprising). And Scrantonicity perform (Kevin's band (Kevin from Accounting)).
Ryan invites Michael to his business school where Ryan discusses how Dunder Mifflin is a failing business. Needless to say, Michael is not at all pleased.
Karen is going to be on throughout the season. Which is ok. And future episodes will bring good stuff for Jammers... oooh...yay.