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Thread: The Oscars 2005

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    Letterman Top 10 On-line Contest

    remember, these are emailed in.
    some drew a from me:

    Top Ten Ways They're Making The Academy Awards More Fun To Watch
    10. Free botox injections to the first 100 actresses
    9. Instead of seat-fillers, giant pinadas
    8. Winners who talk past 40 seconds are tasered
    7. Oprah comes onstage and gives everyone cars
    6. Dan Rather comes out and reads who won, only to be told later he was lying
    5. Watch it in reverse and learn what plans Satan has for Hollywood
    4. The nominees meet in a boardroom where, after some debate, Donald Trump chooses the winners
    3. Clint Eastwood injects steroids into Morgan Freeman's ass
    2. New category: Best Actor in a Paris Hilton Sex Tape
    1. Change the name of the show to "CSI: Oscars"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN
    It feels good to know that Sean had to sit around for two plus hours all angry..... well, angrier than usual.
    Aah, Squatman, it's good to enjoy your humor again.

    Thanks for posting the Top 10, too. My favorites were 6, 7 and 8.
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    What's up with boxing movies? Isn't Million Dollar Baby just Rocky in a sports bra?
    No no no, thats what my husband thought too before I took him to see it.
    It's all about the second half. I am very suprised at what a great job most people do at not giving it away. I mean, yeah you can find the spoilers online with no troubles at all, but a LOT of people still dont know "whats up with it" and that's impressive.
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    Best Dressed and random fashion thoughts

    IDK if it's because purply-blue is my favorite color, but I thought Kate Winslet was the best-dressed woman. It was lovely, fit perfectly, and looked great on her.

    I hated Hilary Swank's dress -- it looked like she got it out of Celine Dion's backwards closet. I also did not like the navy, but I bet the post-ceremony fashion round-ups will kiss her @ss and not criticize that dress.

    I did think the dark blue "color story" (there was also a gold color story that did not get commented on as much) may have something to do with unconsciously supporting a "blue state" mentality.
    (Btw, a couple of men wore midnight blue tuxes to events last year and were called rebels, but to the informed (ah, those British tailors!) it is a classic choice because midnight blue reads as deep black in photos, avoiding that "rusty black" look.)

    As for the few red dresses, Emmy yuck; Renee yay. She did the best job of actually finding a way to move in that restrictive fishtail silhouette. I hope the fishtail dress goes out of fashion soon. :phhht

    I noticed a lot of the fashion-forward shredded skirts (a la Project Runway). The best example of that was the asian actress who presented in that beautiful black dress. She was 2nd best dressed, imo.

    Other shredded, gray, wispy rising-from-the-grave dresses did not do it for me (one I can't remember the actress now, and the other was that pewter thing that girl from Star Wars was wearing).
    On the other hand, Barbra Streisand's flowing mauve dress emphasized her "best features" and hid all her figure flaws, as all of her costumes through her whole career have done, so good for her.

    Re. what is going on in the forefront of fashion, I hated Scarlett Johannson's dress. I don't like that post-deconstructed look where everything is a little bunchy, ill-fitting, poufy, etc.

    Speaking of ill-fitting dresses (this time in the bust) with pouff (this time in the skirt) -- Gwyneth. One of the fashion commentators said she had "Carrie" hair because it reminded him of that Sissy Spacek movie, lol

    Melanie Griffith got ripped by the commentators, but I thought she and Antonio made a great looking, loving couple. She is who she is, and he loves her. How cool is that?

    What was up with the male jewelry, as in Johnny Depp's ankh? Was it all meant to symbolize something, or were those crosses with circles on top just jewelry? I did not like the fit of JD's jacket, btw, and thought his suit from the best costumer clip looked much better and he should have had them tailor something for him.

    I noticed the guys living in England, like Leo, had that slim trouser and shoe thing going on a la Catch Me If You Can. Not many wide-bodied American men could pull that look off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amy Lee
    I thought it was funny that beyonce performed 3 times and still lost. How wonderful.
    I lvoed chris rock, im glad for Morgan, hilary and Jaime most of all.
    I agree. I enjoyed Chris Rock and was thrilled for Morgan Hilary and Jamie.
    Please tell me Beyonce wasn't nominated for an OSCAR. She is talented, but she has no artistic integrity. She signs on for every commercial (McDonald's and Pepsi UK), tv show and film that comes her way. Not to mention she sold out her "independent woman" status in favor of half-naked dancing and songs about thugs- supposedly all in the name of maturity

    Anyway, back to the Oscar's the new format was interesting I haven't decided yet if I like it or not. The ratings were good.

    " The Oscars' 30.1 rating in Nielsen Media Research's 56 top markets was a slight 1 percent improvement over last year's comparable number, and the highest-rated Academy Awards in the metered markets since 2000. The rating is an estimate that nearly 33 million households were tuned in.

    Nationwide viewership totals were to become available later Monday."

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    Chris Rock kept me awake . His visit to the Magic Johnson theater was hilarious. No acedemy, real folks didn't watch most of these films.

    As for Sean ( Fast Times at Ridgemont High ) Penn , yes you may have had a sense of humor once. Remember the time you were on Friends in the planet suit? I think he needs an emergency operation to remove the stick from his butt. Loved Rock's "accountants" response.

    Too bad they felt the need to censor most of Robin Williams defense of cartoon characters , which is why he started out with his mouth taped up BTW. I'll still never look at Donald Duck or Chip & Dale the same again.

    Hilary Swank showed you can look elegant without having to look like a tramp or like you just robbed Harry Winston. Class act.
    Last edited by eny; 02-28-2005 at 07:50 PM. Reason: edited from Micheal Jordan because I was just thinking a basketball dude , and wasn't paying attention to the name

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    Chris Rock kept me awake . His visit to the Micheal Jordan theater was hilarious. No acedemy, real folks didn't watch most of these films.

    Too bad they felt the need to censor most of Robin Williams defense of cartoon characters ....
    It was actually the Magic Johnson Theatre , but that's close enough

    They censored some of Robin's bit? Didn't notice or hear anything about it.

    Was Rock's segment at the Johnson Theatre racist against black people? Doesn't it potentially reinforce negative stereotypes of AA culture?

    Personally, I get the joke. I don't see any harm in it. I wouldn't be surprised if a number of people they interviewed saw Ray, Hotel Rwanda, $$$Baby or even The Aviator.

    Sideways? Nnnnnnnnah
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane

    Did Billy Crystal have a previous engagement or something? Is there a shortage of funny people in Hollywood all of a sudden? I can think of at least 10 people off the top of my head who would have been better than him.

    Only 10? I could only think of 10 people he IS funnier than!!!!! Ugh. I hate him. He's not funny at all and when you take away his usual racist/profane cracks there is nothing at all left.

    I want Billy Crystal back! He was hysterical!
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    I really didn't like Chris Rock hosting this show, mainly because he seemed to be making fun of the whole spectacle the whole time. It IS a spectacle, but when the host appears to be in on the joke, rather than whiny, then it's fun. Carson was the best.

    As I read through these posts, I get the feeling that people who are just into awards shows like Chris Rock just fine--he's a funny guy. On the other hand, people who are really into film didn't like his style for this show.

    I wish they'd do the Oscars the way the Independent Spirit Awards are done--that was funny!! And it was still a celebration of film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny

    Hilary Swank showed you can look elegant without having to look like a tramp or like you just robbed Harry Winston. Class act.

    these were my faves...very elegant...

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