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Thread: Third Watch 01/27 - "Snow Blind"

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    Then at least they're being realistic. As long as they don't out in an earthquake . . . Presidio Med's located in California, right? I know Boomtown is, so I'll understadn an earthquake there --- but not New York, no. So no earthquakes. Please.

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    Maybe a giant tidal wave.

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    *laughs* I seriously do hope not.

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    i cant believe u ppl!!!!!!!

    I seriously can't believe the way you just stereotype "teenagers" (by the way i hate that word)! Yeah, all of us smoke, do drugs, drink, party, and have sex. Thats our whole life right there. If you think that, then you are completely wrong and insane. I'm a 14 year old girl who has thought about doing some of those things many times, and not because of peer pressure. For me it has never been about peer pressure (I could'nt care less about what people think of me). Do you guyz remember what it's like to be my age? (I'm going to assume most of you are older than 25-30). Sometimes you can just get so fed up with life that you just think the drugs can make you forget about it and take the bad things away. We all know the they are bad and what they do to you, but we don't care because we feel so bad already, what worse could happen? So please, could you guys at least give teens some respect and not treat us like aliens from another planet? You know how it goes, if you're nice to someone, they'll treat you the same way.

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    Whoa . . . . Dude, I was eighteen when I first picked up on the show, and now I'm nineteen. Give us a break.

    I know exactly what it was like to be "your" age. Just because some of us have received our degrees and have families doesn't automatically wipe that traumatic experience from our brains.

    Why should we treat you with respect if you're dissin' us all the time? It goes two ways, sweetie. Sure, we're all well aware of the whole 'rebellion' thingummer, but honestly, there're (expletive)'loads more you can do with your life than give up and get high.

    My junior high and high school experience was a complete joke. And yet I'm still a virgin, I never got high, and I never drank. And yet I saw it happening all over the place.

    If you're feelin' that down, get help. It works. I'm in therapy now, and I haven't been happier . . . Heck, it's a great major opportunity, and the pay ain't all that bad either.

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