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You have a point. I may get annoyed and tell them off, (on the inside) but I try to stay polite on the outside. LOL Honestly, I have had to tell family and friends who cornered me on HOLIDAYS, (Christmas and Thanksgiving) that I didn't want to discuss their divorce and estate issues considering what day it was. They seemed hurt and shocked, but let it go. I don't think they understood though and thought I was being grumpy. LOL
No, you have every right to feel they are out of line, asking you those questions at a social event. It's what you studied, trained etc to do to earn a living and people pay you for your knowledge. If they want those answers, they should make an appointment with you at your office or go to law school. But, unlike Ms. Allison, you're polite and courteous.

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I liked that in one sense this was a "normal" family and that Joe and Allison stuck together and supported each other. That they tried to have breakfast and dinner together. That Joe and Allison acted like a unit to discipline their kids. God forbid the network would let a hard working, self sacrificing family trying to do good let them stay together, no they had to kill the husband off. Kinda sucks network executives.
I second that opinion to the network execs. I really loved this family, thought it was a wonderful example of a normal healthy functional family for people to see. Now, I'm not sure I even want to watch the finale, even though it's recorded.

And Debb 70, I, too, wondered how either one of them could look forward to going to sleep at night. Not sure my nerves could handle what either one goes through at night.