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    I have clowns in my coffee!!!!
    I thought this was very good. Can't wait for the next one.

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    Remembering wwhippetcrazy's Avatar
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    Ontario, Canada
    I too enjoyed it...and wasn't freaked out by any scenes. I thought it would be like the 6th Senth (sp?) while I enjoyed that movie, it did freak me out at times and I definately wouldnt' watch it before bed so that's why I was worried about this show.

    I don't think I've ever seen Arquette before, or if I have I don't remember....I really like her though.
    They are playing another new one on Thurs at 10...then another new one Mon at 10...I almost wish it was always going to be on Thurs nights.

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    Reality tv fan
    Well I caught the show, and pretty muchenjoyed it....I thought some of the scenes were on the creepy side (which I love). I'll tune in again, so far it's intriguing.

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    Nov 2004
    I thought I was going to have to miss this one as my boyfriend had dibs on the Sugarbowl, but at halftime he did some wiring magic and was able to make my VCR of ten years record for the first time ever! I'm so glad the regular night is Monday, because my new schedule has me working late on Thursdays. Great show!

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    Oooooh, I really liked this one!!! I don't like my disturbances too disturbing, leaning towards subtlety instead of showing every nasty detail. This was a good show for me in that regard. I love Patricia Arquette and am thinking of changing my avatar!

    I had been planning to watch this show since the very first preview months ago, and TVGuide calling it a "new cult hit, don't miss it" certainly didn't discourage me.

    I've always been very interested in paranormal/psychology issues and am hoping that with the combining of her work and home life it becomes a long-running series.

    What does bother me though is the style of the marketing campaign... trying too hard to be mystical and "dark angel" about it....It doesn't match up with the show.

    Can't wait for Thursday!
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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    ok I'm hooked. I'll be watching/taping this show for sure.

    The only thing that bothered me was the fact that Patricia Arquette looks so much like Cali Duquane on CSI:Miami. I don't like that actress so it irked me that there was so much resemblance. << really nitpicky, I know but if thats all I didn't like about the show I'm happy
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    Reading your thoughts
    I didn't want to say to much last night, for fear others hadn't seen it yet.
    The part I didn't like, was the 30 (yes, I said thirty) Texas Rangers following her around to the different houses, it made it to slapstick comic for me.
    I will keep watching, overall it had some really good parts (Not including the KISS). :rolleyes
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    Dancing on a table...
    god, i can't wait to watch this when hubby gets home. it's killing me knowing that's it's sitting there in the vcr...
    "I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control, and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best .. "

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    I liked what I saw of it (I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore), but I'm not a fan of bad things happening to children (which is why I don't watch Missing) but if it focused mainly on adults I'd definately watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    A heads-up for Canadian viewers: if you miss the NBC airing of this show tonight, CTV will be showing it tomorrow night at 10 PM.
    Great! I can watch it after TAR Then I won't be able to sleep at all
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