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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunnyone
    Especially since the photographs were so unique that it catches the eyes pretty quickly. One thing I was confused about though- did the husbands kill themselves after they were ordered to shoot their wives, or did the photographer kill the men?

    I think the photographer killed the men, I love how you have to figure out things and it's sort of a mystery and everything wraps up nicely in the end. Lol....in the end I figured out that Allison had known about the weekend getaway to mexico the entire time......she can read minds!!!

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    i think this is a great show! when i saw patricia arquette in the previews months ago, i knew i'd be hooked. i look forward to it every week! glad to see the rest of you are hooked as well.

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    Sher, I do believe we could be roommates ad NEVER fight about the tv

    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyone
    did the husbands kill themselves after they were ordered to shoot their wives, or did the photographer kill the men?
    The thing that she was telling the cop was that the men were shot FIRST. This wouldn't work with a musrder suicide that the cops thought all these were, and that the men were the shooters. Turns out the photographer gave the husbands an EMPTY gun and told them if they shot their wives, he (the photographer) would let them live. The first four husbands refused, so the photographer shot them, then the wives (I suppose he made the dead husbands hold the gun for the shooting of the wives). This is why the one guy lived to tell the story... he actually pulled the trigger on the empty gun and the photographer shot the wife, and let te husband live.
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    To be fair to the husband, he said he could tell the gun felt light so guessed there were no bullets so he pulled the trigger. Didn't realize the wife would still get shot.

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    I caught the last episode that aired and it was the first time I saw the show. I have to say I really liked it. It had just the right amount of wit and humor. It was pretty entertaining.
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    I just watched this ep. again, and when the husband was telling the police what happened, he said the guy was standing behind him, holding him. So it would have looked like the husbands did shoot the wives in the previous murders.

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    Awwwwwwwww w/ the little kid, Bobby. *tear*

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    I liked tonight's show and I thought she handled her daughter's new friend pretty well. I don't think her kids know that she's clairvoyant, do they?
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    Gracie, I don't think the other kids know. I think the little girl at the end who befriended her just thought she had an imaginary friend too (that little girl's imaginary friend was a giraffe!).

    I enjoy this show, but I will say that tonight's episode got solved a little too quick for me. I think since they were running the 2 storylines (daughter and Big Bad Wolf) that they rushed through the storyline of the murder.

    Really enjoying the husband. I love the interaction between him and Alison. I think he's great and I think they're great together!

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    I really liked this episode too.
    The story line with Bobby and her daughter was excellent! I love how she explained that Bobby would always be with her.
    I'm really enjoying this show.....

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