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Thread: Oprah

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    Oprah said on her show that she wasn't upset at all about the Hermes situation, then started arguing a bit with the CEO. They never came out and said it, but I bet that employee who was supposedly "rude", according to The Great Oprah, got canned.

    Another thing...why waste preciuos airtime on Oprah's dogs? Here's a little tip Oprah, I couldn't care LESS about how many dogs you have and how much sleep you lose "potty training" them. Ridiculous waste of a segment.

    Jennifer Aniston, to me, is sooooooo boring. Who really cares 'how she is doing'. I'll assume she's doing just fine since she's a trillionaire, and soon, she'll be shacking up with some other hot Hollywood dude, perhaps Vince Vaughan...Very disappointing Season Premiere.

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    Very disappointed with the Jennifer Aniston interview. It was not an interview. It was 15 minutes of Oprah asking and answering her own questions.

    Then when it was shown that Jennifer and her friends had just spent the weekend at Oprah's home... and Oprah took pictures... just came off all phony. I really thought Jennifer was coming on to talk about her new movie with Clive Owens. (Do the standard "PR" thing for the movie.) Instead Oprah announces that she did not like "that type of movie". I was stunned. Even Jennifer looked mortified.

    Then the next thing I know... Jennifer is gone.

    And the Hermes guy is there... taking his public ass-whipping on TV.

    For the life of me I do not understand what the deal is with Oprah being told it was too late to shop. And when the CEO of Hermes says "but the sales girl truly had no idea who you were"... I was shocked. As if knowing who Oprah is a needful thing. But I realize what the "real" problem was... Oprah was mortified that "those Hermes people" did not know her. Oh the horror of it all!!!!

    But geez... Oprah looked like hell. No makeup... in a jogging suit. Trying to get in after closing. If Miss Tina Turner was so important to her... why was Oprah doing a last minute gift? *tacky*tacky*

    I find the entire mess to be the lamest thing Oprah has ever done. Then to make the CEO of Hermes come on her show to give her a public apology... made me realize Oprah has no class. No one with Hermes is at fault cause Oprah couldn't drag herself down to the store in time. I truly hope they didn't fire the girl who was "rude". In my opinion... she deserves a pay raise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    Shame on her! She also saw the flack that she, personally, took, and this is her way of bowing out of it gracefully because she knew that her claim had no racial substance.
    Never thought about that. Excellent point. She didn't mention race, because it had nothing to do with it in the least. I read reports all over how she was going to do a show on her "crash" moment. I wish another talk show would have the hermes girl on and tell her side.

    Once again, Oprah is having a major ego problem. She said people are asking her if they should buy bags at hermes. Please, I'll buy whatever I want. Just because you think you got snubbed doesn't mean everyone should join ship.

    Anyone who thinks Oprah is right is WRONG, totally WRONG. Either that or they are very sheltered. I was in the post office about a month ago at 2:22pm on a saturday, they close at 2:00pm. There were still a handful of people in the store, but they weren't letting new people in. I was in the lobby, so does that give me the right to go in?? NO!!!

    Move on Oprah, You are acting like a "diva" at least you didn't lie on the show, because you said the store was in the "process" of closing. I love how you hung on to the word "process" Maybe a retailer should explain what "process" means. Finishing there other annoying customers, and not letting new ones in

    Your season preimere was a bore fest. Jennifer Aniston still looked unhappy. And how special that you had a weekend retreat with Jen. She seems so boring. Once again, the customer service personale should be promoted.

    I'm sure Oprah would of made this a whole show of Katrina didn't hit But even to air any of it, is very "shallow" She should of just made a written statement. Which she probably needed to, because she couldn't shut up about the whole ordeal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxxFisher
    I'm sorry, the woman said she is not a Diva but I have to disagree. She said she did not want to go into a store that was closed, but in the process of being closed. That means, people are no longer allowed in, but those who are inside are encouraged to wrap it up and get going. I would bet the employee's rudeness came down to not letting the great and powerful Oprah into a store that was for all intents & purposes closed. I would have hoped that this might deflate her planet sized ego but her show with the President of Hermes was a warning to other retailers to not get on Oprah's bad side.
    Great point! Major ego problems on Oprah's side IMO.

    I applaud her generousity for the Katrina victims and respect all good things she did for people in the past.

    But I believe Oprah completely lost the touch with real life, the life the oridinary people live. The life where you and me have to worry about mortgage payments and doctor's bills. Not about buying $20K Hermes bag.

    Yes, it's her show and she can do whatever she wants.

    Just one small thing. WE are the viewers of her show or ... can choose not no be anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby

    For the life of me I do not understand what the deal is with Oprah being told it was too late to shop. And when the CEO of Hermes says "but the sales girl truly had no idea who you were"... I was shocked. As if knowing who Oprah is a needful thing. But I realize what the "real" problem was... Oprah was mortified that "those Hermes people" did not know her. Oh the horror of it all!!!!

    Maybe for the thousandth time i actually don't have an opinion.
    slightly ot:
    Though i hope that in the future, someone else doesn't recognize britney.
    Blow a kiss, fire a gun, we need someone to lean on

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    Oprah, did I hear you correctly? Breaking a coke addiciton is easier then breaking a food addicition. She really is totally self absorbed with herself more than I thought.

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    Yes she has been self absorbed and out of touch with most people's reality for some time now. Soon as she herself, started getting fixed from the inside out she began snapping at people on her shows who had the same problems and were not getting anywhere w/fixing them yet in their lives. The show changed not long after that, to focusing more on happy ending type stories. Or things that Oprah could 'fix' in one segment with an 'expert' on television. It all got a bit surreal.

    As for Jennifer Aniston - I do feel sorry for her, she's nursing a heartbreak. But, lots of women do go through that and under much worse circumstances and in poor health and poverty. Enough said.

    I never understood the furor over Oprah not getting to buy a several thousand dollar handbag. Boohoo? I'm sorry but, really. It did not seem like racism to me but like they made the fatal mistake of not falling over themselves and breaking rules for a star. Most of us have been turned away from a store if we show up just as they are closing! Oprah did not get special treatment for once in her adult life, and heaven should weep? I don't think so. Sheesh, am I sick of spoiled celebrities.

    I dont watch Oprah's show any more... stopped when she started becoming so fake. Sorry to any Oprah fans. Not like she needs my Neilsen anyway.

    "There are still people in there shopping" Yes but - when did they enter the store?? Finishing up is not the same as just going in and just starting out. So they did not swing open the gates for her at closing time. Cry me a river!

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    I am not sure when it started... but Oprah does not let her guest openly speak any longer.

    She will have someone interesting to speak to... on a good topic... and all she does is talk over them. Always giving her bias comments.

    Oprah at one time was a great interviewer... now she is just pushy. She never lets anyone finish their own sentences. Especially if its part of her crew, Gayle or that other big mouth Dr. Phil. Its annoying. Tho I don't know who she is the worst with... Gayle or Dr. Phil.

    I used to get stunned how Oprah would leap right into Dr. Phil's conversation with some nutty personal rant. He always had this look on his face... like he wanted to back hand her. hahaha! But he would just correct her... while smiling at her.... full well knowing... Oprah is the alpha dog personality. She would try to over talk him as if he did not understand her "opinion".

    And whats with every show having 10 mintues of the audience screaming for her when she walks out? Do we truly need to see that daily?

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    I guess your opinions are right. I really liked Oprah at one point in her career. She had tons of compassion, friendly, very open to others etc. But in the last few years, its really about her and celebrities etc. And you can even tell by the way she walks her ego is out of line. When she comes out, her walk is too confident.

    What really bothers me is her whole thing about food addiction. I guess this has been a stuggle for Oprah, but she acts as though this is the worst possible thing someone could have. She forgets there are tons of disorders and problems. Last season, she had a girl who "cut" herself, and she said she didn't understand it. That really surprises me, because although its not common, its not unheard of.

    Oprah is pretty phony now. Her increasment of Gayle King talk is startting to get srange. She can't stop talking about her. I don't get it. I don't know if you remember, but Gayle King had a short lived syndicated show and it didn't do well, it was cancelled. I'm sure Oprah put the connections together to get her, her show. If I was Gayle, I would want to be known for what I have done in my life, instead of being known as "Oprah's" best friend.

    The 5 minute of clapping with Oprah when she comes out is also out of hand. It use to be a few minutes now, it really does last almost 5 minutes. She isn't a "rock star"

    In closing, I find it funny that she takes herself out of the emmys, because she "thinks" she's going to win everytime. I bet if she put herself back in, she wouldn't win. I wish another talk show would blow her away.

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    Miss Understood
    I have found this seasons start just ho hum. I tivo the show and have only watched two complete shows and only one segment of another show.

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