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Thread: Oprah

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    About the show on her bad hair, I think it was just the first few minutes about her hair and the rest of the show was about beauty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetGuy
    I dont assume anything.

    And I did watch her show in earlier years. Its just a matter of likes and dislikes. I like her and some of you don't. I work fulltime so I dont watch her every day but when I can I do. If she upsetted me that much, I wouldnt watch her. But I guess, that wouldnt allow me to complain about her then, now would it?[/QUOTE]

    Personally I am not complaining. I am just stating MY opinion about the talk show host I really admired before.

    Last time I checked I have the right to voice my opinion the same way as you have yours.
    And what in that statement said that you couldnt voice your opinion. I was simply stating MY opinion about Oprah; take it over leave it. But I really didnt intend for this to be personal so lets just agree to disagree on this subject.
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    To be honest, I really don't think Oprah cares what people on FORT think of her(no one said, she did anyway). But I'm sure she gets lots of good and bad snail mail. Trust me, she's heard it all before. And when your on tv, you have to have to be thick skinned. We are just discussing a tv personality. She makes $225 million a year (forbes) and sleeps well at night.

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    ITA. Oprah is long long past the point of caring what any of us out here think. I've long heard too she doesn't even go to the green room to greet her guests (as Queen Latifah noted).

    Also there was some 'scandal' years back, about personal personal letters to the show being dumped in a dumpster behind the studio, and anyone could just read these people's (who wrote in to the show, back before it was so formatted) life stories, complete with name, etc. Anyone else remember that story? Several years ago at least.

    I'm sure she doesn't know or care things like this forum exist - and no one's gonna tell her, either. Lol.

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    One of my very best friends (a writer) believes that Oprah is the devil. Thought you guys might enjoy a couple of her LiveJournal entries. I LOVE Oh-fruh and even I think they're hilarious!


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    I'm gay, and I hope no one will take offense. I'm sure not. But I'm starting to like Howard Stern's theory that Oprah is a lesbian. There sure is a lot of Gayle King this season. :-)

    Anyway, today's show was good. And I like Gina Gershon, very down to earth

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertRose
    See, that is our problem (and I am including myself in this). We keep on criticizing Oprah and other celebrities about what they give and don't give. How many of us actually give money (what we can afford) or better yet our time to help those in need. It's easy to sit there in the peanut gallery, but really, I'm ashamed at myself for not doing anything.
    Oprah does shows on the plight of the unfortunate all the time, with the message being that we should help. Well, I don't buy the guilt she's trying to sell, and you shouldn't either. It's an unobtainable dream (barring my Powerball ticket hitting big) for me to make $1 million per year. Oprah could give away $224 million each year and live my dream. I'm quite comfortable with what I give to charity, and I don't need a multi-millionare telling me I'm not doing enough.

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    jman - Well, Kathy Griffin sure alludes to that... She's hilarious talkin' bout Orpah (as she was originally named. Yep I used to watch her show all the time, back when). "And her ... frieeeeennnd Gayle." Hehee

    not that there's anything wrong with that

    PIM - that's another irritating thing. She swallowed those New Age books whole and didn't even burp. We can't all be rich and 'powerful' (her favorite word. seems narcissistic to me) million/billionaires. We don't all have access to having our own tv shows, especially once we've gotten older or ill health has set in... I'm all for someone doing their best but, hey Oprah, what if most of us already are? Cut us a break already.

    Oprah could give away $224 million each year and live my dream. I'm quite comfortable with what I give to charity, and I don't need a multi-millionare telling me I'm not doing enough.
    Yeh that.

    Now here's why I found this thread again guys... How freaky is this? I had a dream about Oprah. : I can't remember all of it by the time I got here to post about it, but, basically, a bunch of people were in line to be in the audience for a taping. As a bus *?* (one of those star coaches, I think... I'm not even sure now) pulled up and Oprah got out, people ran screaming and fainting over there to her, telling her how great she is.

    As they all clamored to praise her up one side & down another, show assistants (PA's) came out and with their headsets and clipboards took everyone through the gate toward the studio... but not me. I was there with a friend (someone who I've never seen IRL) and asked one of the PA's "wait, what about me?" He shook his head. "You didn't praise Oprah enough." He started to leave. For some reason in the dream it's like my life depended on it or past those gates were manna buffets or something. I had a calm exterior but inside felt a sense of doom *?!*

    I said "But I'm here with a friend". The guy said nothing. Just then Oprah re-appeared, I guess she'd been back in the tour bus or something, witnessing this whole thing. She came out to walk through the gates. Oddly I don't recall any entourage around her, except maybe someone holding an umbrella above her head. (I think) I said "Oprah I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you" (I wasn't gonna lie though) and she just kept her nose in the air and didn't say a word and was ushered through the (chain link fence) gates.

    I recall she was wearing some sort of purple wrap dress. LOL Now what the heck does this mean?! In real life I wouldn't cross the street to see the show. (Or most other ones) Anyway dreams are weird

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    Its fun to dissect Oprah. I think the whole Gayle King is that Oprah wants Gayle to have some "celebrity" status(re:her beging on the show a lot more this season, and the constant name dropping). I think *socially* Oprah can only equate with other celebrities. Kathy Griffin is one funny chick.

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    I think Oprah is a bigot. Big-time!!!

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