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Redepmtion Song: the one where spinner and darcy go camping with their friendship club. Jay is on another camping trip near spinner and spinner calls Jay and asks him to pick him up after it's revealed Darcy told the friendship group all about spinner (or something like that. it's worse, but i can't remember what it was that she told) and then jay basically tells darcy that she has to have sex with spinner to keep him

Lexicon of Love (part 1 and 2): this is where jay and silent bob come back to premier their movie they made. also this is where alex and paige kiss and i think will venture in trying to be a couple. also, emma catches snake kissing the principal at the theatre and at the end of part two tells her mom and christine (emma's mom) kicks snake out

Together Forever: Liberty has the baby and give him up for adoption. Craig get signed to a record deal.