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Thread: Favourite British shows?

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    Jan 2006
    I love many British shows, but then again I was borned and raised in London, though I live in FL now, so I was raised on the stuff.

    I don't get to watch a lot of newer British shows, and unfortunately don't have BBCAmerica.
    The shows I still manage to watch though include Eastenders (fav all time show), AYBS, Keeping up Appearances, Corrie (few years old, but hey..), As Time Goes By, Last of the Summerwine, Vicar of Dibley.

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    Jan 2006
    I love British Television and have BBC Canada,
    My Favs are
    The Royle Family....just love Jim
    Escape to The Country
    How Not To Decorate
    Auf Wiedersehen Pet
    What Not to Wear
    Changing Rooms ....Love Lawrence!!
    Prime Suspect
    Murder in Mind
    And many more that I am forgetting I am sure.

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    I love British terlevision....

    Are You Being Served?
    Allo, Allo
    Absolutely Fabulous
    Fawlty Towers
    Changing Rooms
    Coronation Street
    What Not To Wear (Trini & Susanna are great!)
    The new Dr. Who
    The Thin Blue Line
    Keeping up Appearances

    They also had a Series on BBC Canada earlier this year, I think it was called "The Million Dollar Project" where they would buy a home, fix it up, then mark it up and sell on, until the sold a home for 1 million pounds.

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    I forgot all about Tenko.
    They repeated it a few years later and it seemed a little dated, as many shows do, but when it was originally aired I loved it.

    The property show is "The Million Pound Property Experiment".
    I liked it, but I thought they would only have their initial seed money then the money they raised from selling each house to make each new purchase, not basically whatever budget they wanted for renovations.
    Obviously as they only made a few thousand sometimes that was not realistic.
    I also found it slightly irritating that they didn't listen to the construction manager (or whatever his title was) Nigel.
    A couple of times their lack of profit was a direct result of not taking his advice imo.
    The two designers, Justin Ryan and Colin McAllister have another series on BBC Canada and HGTV in Canada at the moment called How Not To Decorate.
    It's also pretty good.

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    A friend from work just lent me a DVD of Good Neighbours (also entitled The Good Life). It's a show from the mid 70's. Tom and Barbara Good are tired of the rat race, so Tom quits his job and decides to become self sufficent. So the Goods turn their suburban home into a farm: growing vegetables and raising livestock. Their middle class suburban snob neighbours think that they have gone mad. I don't remember the Goods (Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal) in anything else, but their neighbours were played by Paul Eddington (later to be in Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister) and Penelope Keith who has appeared in other shows such as To the Manor Born.

    I also wanted to mention that people who enjoyed Jeeves and Wooster may also enjoy Wodehouse Playhouse. The series was based on short stories by PG Wodehouse (the Author of Jeeves and Wooser). There are no recurring characters, but the first 2 series starred John Alderton and Pauline Collins, (who you might remember from Upstairs Downstairs), while the 3rd series starred John Alderton only. Each episode is about some romantic complication, although that description doesn't do justice to the whimsical humour in the show. The show is filled with the same type of characters as Jeeves and Wooster, just not the same ones. This show was also filmed in the mid 70's.

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    Belfastgirl: I do'nt like American soaps either. (I'll refrain going into why, since many people looove them!) You want some interesting melodrama - see if you have any translated (unless you speak Spanish) novellas there. Those are the ones made in Mexico. I have a friend who is from Bosnia and in Bosnia those are dubbed into their language and are very popular! Small world

    British shows I like. Hmmmm.

    I didn't like it at first, but now that I've got TiVo and usually don't miss the eps (the story moves very fast):

    "At Home with the Braithwaites"

    I like "Little Angels" although I can't fathom how adults let kids get the better of their households that way

    I used to watch "Bargain Hunt" but it gets on my nerves now, dunno why... but it is a good show; it's just me

    I like "Monarch of the Glen" for the characters in it and not least the scenery

    I used to watch the DIY shows like "Changing Rooms" and the other one, where they change up the rooms using scrap wood and paint? And the show where they improve people's gardens (we'd call it a back yard here in the U.S.) :memory lapse:

    I'll watch "Benny Hill" once in a great while... it's a classic now and seems innocent by today's standards

    "Monty Python" once in a while

    "Touching Evil" the acting is interesting and sometimes the plotlines are engrossing

    "The Kumars at No. 42" Good guests sometimes (I don't always know who they are) and funny most of the time - unusual concept

    "So Graham Norton" I just love him, and even saw his act live here in L.A.

    (Ah yes - a show someone else mentioned: I also prefer the UK version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". And the UK original of "What Not to Wear" is light years better than the U.S. one. Trinny & Susannah can't be replaced! The UK version of "Cracker" was great; the U.S. one, a travesty. Conversely, the UK version of "Queer Eye" is yawnsville. And I dunno yet if it's been mentioned, but - I love watching Gordon Ramsay, so those shows he had. "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Revisited". Somewhat like the kid shows, I can't believe what some bosses put up with either. And the Italian man who wouldn't lower his prices or listen to Gordon - talk about an opportunity blown. What most business owners wouldn't pay to have a consult with Chef Ramsay. I wonder what Brits think of Ramsay? For Americans, his bluster isn't so bad.)
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    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread - I love British programs, though, and had to respond to this! My absolute favorite show of all time is EastEnders, but I also love Jonathan Creek, Are You Being Served?, My Hero (so stupid yet shamefully hilarious), Upstairs Downstairs, Father Ted, Ab Fab, The Office, and many more. I thought Extras was fantastic and am thrilled they've started on a second season!

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    I'm thrilled that my PBS station has recently started rerunning "Ballykissangel" on Saturday nights and "Monty Python's Flying Circus" on Friday and Saturday nights.

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    Brekkie Boy
    Really interesting read - alot of your favourite shows are either quite a few years old or the lifestyle stuff which I wouldn't consider to be the highlight of British TV.

    Indeed the programmes I'd have thought would register with a US audience are barely mentioned!

    One thing not mentioned here which I know from other threads are quite popular are the "House" series, such as 1900 House etc.

    I'm fully aware that the general view of American's is very different to the "moral minority" who seem to control what get's aired - and I guess a key reason networks won't even consider showing original UK shows is because they generally are much more adult.

    Are the big networks though completly prevented from showing imported series - they just never appear to do so, instead choosing to remake them (and generally make a hash of it!)

    A typhical example is Teachers - a superb British comedy drama which has been turned into a poor American sitcom!

    If any US channel picks up Shameless is really is a must watch - the best British drama of recent years by a long way, and one specific scene was, and still is, the best thing I've ever seen on TV.

    I can't say anymore without spoiling it for those who might be watching it - but any Shameless fan will know which scene I mean!

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    I like:
    Green Wing, Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearences, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Thin Blue Line, The Fast Show, The Office, Whose Line is it Anyway?, I'm Alan Partridge / Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge, and Look Around You.

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