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Thread: Blue Collar TV

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    Blue Collar TV

    I absolutely love these guys & I love the show... Just wondering if anyone else is watching "Blue Collar TV" or if it's just me ... lol ... (hope not for their sake...)

    I've always been a big fan of Bill Engvall & Jeff Foxworthy, I saw the original "Blue Collar Tour" they did and a couple of other random standup shows, but I was sceptic to the TV show when I heard about it. However, I find it hilarious... you can never get enough redneck jokes... (well, at least not when they're delivered right....

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    This show is pretty funny. I live in an area with a high redneck population, and this show is exactly what people around here want to see. I know a lot of people who make sure they watch Blue Collar TV so they can talk about it and how true it is. I really like the bit with them being little kids in the back seat plotting to get ice cream. That was hilarious.

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    lol I love the little kids scenes in the backseat.

    I think the gravy skit was hilarious

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