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Thread: House

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    Re: House

    Quote Originally Posted by PWS View Post
    What I loved in Swan Song was when the director or whoever heard Laurie's try out, said he was relieved that even though Laurie was coming in from some other country he was actually American, so they wouldn't have to worry about him "faking" an American accent!
    Yeah, that was great! Do they not know the name of the people trying out, because Hugh Laurie was already well known by then? He looked a lot like Hugh Laurie too, LOL.

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    Re: House

    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle David View Post
    Brits have an advantage when attempting an American accent. From an early age they sing along with American pop tunes, and they do so while mimicking the pronunciations of the singers. So, the inflections of American Standard English are not foreign to them.

    When I lived in England my best mate was Cockney. His accent was so thick I often didn't understand what he said. Yet, when he sang, he sang with an impecable American dialect.
    Agree. When I spent a year in England in the mid '80's I had long chats with the milkman about (American) country music, of which he was a huge fan--and only one of many. So many of them could "sing" with a good country twang or Southern accent.

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    Re: House

    Interesting! I've often wondered why so many Brits default to a southern dialect when imitating Americans. I wonder if this may have something to do with it.
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    Re: House

    Quote Originally Posted by Debb70 View Post
    What happened to the resident under House who had a disease that was supposed to kill her within 10 years?
    Her name IRL is Olivia Wilde! Love her! She has moved on to motion pictures! She did make an appearance early in this last season in one epi!

    This was a great Finale! From the behind the scenes (which I thought was so cool to do) to the actual Finale! So sad to see the show gone. We have watched it for years. My husband has Hugh Laurie's New Orleans CD! It's fabulous!

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    Re: House

    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle David View Post
    It's 'Enjoy Yourself" by the late, great Louis Prima.

    The one prior to it was Warren Zevon's "Keep me in your Heart". For personal reasons, this song usually makes me bawl like a baby. This time I was smiling through the tears.
    Keep Me In Your Heart really caught my attention. I can't figure out where I heard this song before. It was also featured on some other show or documentary. I recall balling my eyes out, but I can't recall what it was. Isn't that crazy? LOL

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