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Thread: CSI - "Got Murder?" 01/16

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    What's really sad is that the title of this episode now has a fun double-meaning that's a little disturbing. I'm thinking "Got Milk?" and picturing that girl lactating. Ew.

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    I liked the way that one guy's character was written. You know, the man whose ex was the victim and whose daughter was the culprit.

    He was the totally clueless. The perfect patsy.

    You keep thinking he's lying like a dog and it turns out he was simply clueless.

    The poor guy was abandoned by his wife, she comes home and then as far as he knows she's left him again. He didn't know her by her assumed name. He didn't know why there was blood in his dumpster. And he wasn't molesting his daughter.

    And at the end his wife was dead and his daughter was in jail and all he had left was his spooky son.

    Poor guy.

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