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Thread: The Mountain

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    The Mountain

    Has anybody watched the Mountain? Thoughts??? I caught half of an episode and it looked all right but has anybody watched it? Good show or wanna be good show????

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    i taped the first episode, but never watched. i think it's showing at the same time as other shows that i'd rather see. it's sad b/c it looked promising and i love oliver hudson... but i've not heard of anyone who's watching.

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    I saw it. I think its pretty okay. Oliver Hudson is gorgeous. I like him, but I've never heard of him until now. I don't think that many people are watching the show, though.
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    That's too bad that it's in a crappy time slot when other shows are on. I caught it on sunday around 6:30... I guess they're replaying it to try and get more viewers.

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