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Thread: Boston Legal

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    Nah, it wasn't a loss. Shirley pretty much ran the thing anyway. She asked all the questions, etc.

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    Okay, first of all, why can't Alan keep his lips to himself? Grr, poor Tara. Hopefully it was just a spur of the emotional moment thing and DEK won't make anything of it. Second, when Lori walked off and Candice Bergen called her a (w)itch, I was like awesome! Monica Potter is pregnant and her Lori character hasn't been getting screen time so I figured it could lead to her way out. But now everyone in charge wants Denny gone too...won't happen though. Also, was that the season finale!? I started wondering because they made it a huge cliffhanger (will the cell phone ring and save the man or will he die and Texas see they need to refine their execution ways), Alan kissed another women, and they were talking of removing Denny. Add to that, the ABC site says the next episode has yet to be scheduled. Hopefully it wasn't and I'm just freaking, there wasn't any notice or anything. The show is gradually losing my interest again though, and unless they rekindle my obsession with a good episode and some Tara Alan scenes, I'm out. Besides, no one seems to post as much as they used to on this forum. Sadness...

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    The part with Alan and Chelina was good, so dramatic heh. Monica Potter is pregnant? She doesn't look like it, i hope they don't write her off . Brad and Tara need to do more cases. Chelina did more than them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irelandy
    was that the season finale!? I started wondering because they made it a huge cliffhanger (will the cell phone ring and save the man or will he die and Texas see they need to refine their execution ways), Alan kissed another women, and they were talking of removing Denny. Add to that, the ABC site says the next episode has yet to be scheduled.
    It didn't feel like a finale to me.

    I didn't see the entire episode, but I saw the portions you refer to, and the only one that had the smell of cliffhanger (to me) was the upcoming execution. Afterwards, I chocked that up as a loss for Alan and his kissable associate.

    Perhaps the show has seen the amount of people turned off by the firm always winning, and that was an immensely losable undertaking, trying to halt the exection at that late date. I thought Alan, who'd probably never seen an execution was perhaps reevaluating whether he should have urged the condemned man to go out fighting. That was a wrenching scene, and were there another episode pertaining to it I'd wondered whether the only news representative would somehow shine in depicting the ugliness of it that had even the prosecutor looking like he wanted to sink through the floor or run for the hills.

    The kiss didn't seem all that much to me, though warning flags started fluttering in my mind when I saw their brainstorming venue was a hotel room. It looked inevitable as soon as Alan entered her personal space for his heart to heart. He kissed her, and once a kisser, always a kisser (or was that cheater?) but he made no move to sustain the moment when she came immediately to her senses.

    Get rid of Denny Crane and you eliminate the show, from my perspective. Not that I see the lightweights in his firm being at all successful in taking him out, he IS Denny Crane, after all. The pissing and moaning official complaint from the woman associate who feels harrassed by Denny's comments didn't impress me as being all that likely to work in her favor. Denny's comments, at least those that I've seen, are generally his twisted take on the best way to prevail in a legal setting. He sees things in a different way than most of those around him, with a keen awareness of personal vulnerabilities others are 'too nice' perhaps to take note of, which is why HIS name is the primary name of the firm. The little whiner that put "you two" on notice with her official complaint might be a good little toady pencil sharpener, but going to court I'd want Denny in my corner, not Miss Priss.

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    I found out it wasn't the season finale but there's going to be a big break before the next epi. 4 weeks; it's not a new epi until April 24 I believe. Grey's Anatomy is premiering in it's place. I may watch the first epi of it to see how it is.

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    I really like this show. Wondered where it had been and why it hasn't been showing. I just recently started watching it and get a lot of enjoyment from it. Shatner is so funny. I never dreamed he'd still be actively and successfully acting like he is now. I grew up watching him on the original Star Trek. I also think it gets old to have them win all the time. I like the idea that someone else had to let Denny win all of his. He's so egotistical anyway. That would make for some good times.

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    It's now been pushed back until the fall because of Grey's Anatomy. BL will air as a 27 episode season.

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    I for some strange reason have lost total interest in Boston Legal.
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    I miss this show. I was liking it, even though I found it completely far-fetched.

    I refuse to watch Grey's Anatomy because it displaced this show, and I'm hoping that Boston Legal makes it back to my TV screen really soon!

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    From TVguide.com

    BOSTON BUMPED: The verdict is in on the case of Grey's Anatomy vs. Boston Legal, and ABC is siding with the docs. The network announced Friday that it's keeping its new medical smash Grey's Anatomy on Sundays at 10 pm/ET through the end of the season. As a result, Boston Legal which was slated to reclaim the time slot at the end of the month will stay adjourned until fall. ABC president Stephen McPherson says Legal's five remaining episodes will be tacked on to next season's total, giving the network "the amazing luxury of bringing Boston Legal back with an unheard-of 27 original episodes." Unless something better comes along again.


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