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Thread: Boston Legal

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    I didn't see the part which showed to what extreme the cop went to to get the information that landed him on trial, but as presented it would be difficult for me to imagine either one of those cases going against them.

    Denny Crane is simply superior to Donnie Crane, perhaps after a a decade or two he'll be as formidable, particularly if he listens to and learns from critques like the one Denny gave him about why he lost. That was touching hearing Denny clue him in to his perspective on fatherhood, and the fact that he'd always loved Donnie, and continued to do so.

    Were I on a jury without having come in with a heaping helping of attitude against the police in general, it would be hard not to acquit the defendant with all the heavy weight help Alan brought in during his closing arguments. Dirty Harry, Charles Bronson, the President, Attorney General, the Supreme Court of the United States and even star quality defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, ALL speaking out in favor of torture, at least as interpreted by Alan.

    I've never heard the term "Torture Warrant" before, and if it was explained during the show, I didn't get the definition. Is that as clear cut as it sounds, just like a Death Warrant? I read an article the other day which stated that we are farming out those we deem worthy of torture to nations that are presumably better at it than us, Syria, for one. I doubt I'll see anything from the goverment validating that assertion.

    Those chairs on their balcony at the firm look as if they are made of stone or concrete. I don't understand why they don't pony up for something more comfortable. They may be all weather, but how many people spend much time out there in the dead of winter, I wonder, and built in uncomfortability to keep slackers at bay doesn't make sense to me either, because the termination threshold isn't very high for any but the highest echelon at the firm, I would imagine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I watched the last ten minutes or so of the show.
    They won both their cases...again :rolleyes
    *groan* I was so disappointed by this. I thought for sure last night they would finally lose a case - the wedding one. I don't see how that held up in court, let alone awarding the snivelling brat with over $1mil. Wouldn't it have been great if Denny Crane lost his first case to Donny Crane? Which, by the way, is already :phhht that Denny has NEVER lost a case. Please! I do find the quirks in this show amusing, but the fact that this firm never loses a case is getting so very old.

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who is tired of them also winning.
    It seems a stupid thing to get worked up about, but the fact that they are always successful annoys me and overshadows the other elements of the show for me.
    It doesn't matter how badly a case may be going, you know that in the end they'll win.

    I enjoy the quirkiness (or I did), but I watch for the courtroom scenes more than anything and with no suspense in them there seems little point watching anymore.
    Shame, I thought this show had the potential to become one of my favourites.

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    I love the theme music and William Shatner is the coolest 72-year-old on the planet. I think he said something like, "I'm going to say this with all the humility I can muster. I am the greatest trial attorney to ever live." Bill is the man!!

    Buuuuuuut.....the courtroom scenes are poorly written, at least as for realism. You cannot tell juries in closing argument, "imagine if this happened to you, or to your family." That is called "the golden rule" and it will get you a mistrial every single time you use it. And I think every single closing argument contained it. Ugh!! And $1.6 million for the wedding case??? Give me a break. Even in liberal ole Boston, juries aren't going to go for that, and I'd be shocked to hear state law even allowed such an action. Was the young almost-husband rich or something? Who in the heck did they think was going to pay that judgment? He wouldn't have insurance coverage for it.

    I still love the show. My suggestion. Have ole Murphy Brown and James Spader and Monica Potter and the guy from Keen Eddie all lose cases sometimes, like at least 40%, but NEVER have Shatner lose. That would make it MORE entertaining, as he could smugly draw their attention to their respective win/loss records.


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    I was so upset that Donny Crane didn't win. And an amount of 1.6 million !? If it was like 100,000 or somethin low, I would even be satisfied but 1.6 mil was outrageous. The team never loses and that is really stupid. The other episode where Denny and Schmidt won because they said Nansy Pansy was so retarded. It isnt even cool now that they won, however, I still love the show. Brad or Tara never does any cases
    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    -Albert Einstein

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    I am so sick of these huge intermissions between episodes! This is like the second 2 week break between episodes in a row! They did this with The Practice last year too. It's such a pain to have to wait weeks between each new episode basically. I'm just sick of waiting to watch one of my favorite shows all the time. Grr...

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    Disappointed, hated it, bored. The only good part was Denny trying to count from 100. Pfft...

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    Hmmm...think about this one..

    does this count as a loss for Denny Crane? I thought he had never lost.

    Are Monica Potter, Mark Valley and Rhona Mitra even on the show anymore? Or are they just good-looking window dressing?

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    Oh no! This was on last night? I missed it - I didn't think to watch since it hasn't been on for so many weeks, and I NEVER see commercials for this show. Can someone be so kind as to provide a brief recap (anything of importance)? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmattynd
    does this count as a loss for Denny Crane? I thought he had never lost.
    I'd think so. You think they'd have made more of that angle -- Carl Reiner's character's last ego trip was to take down the great Denny Crane.

    All in all, the ep was really disappointing and overly sentimental. There needs to be more going on during the epsiodes than two one-note trials/motion hearings. The only good moment was Betty White's one scene.

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