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Thread: Law and Order

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    Quote Originally Posted by cadcmmngs
    I, for one, would LOVE to see Chris Noth back in the L&O family.

    I also can't stand Serena. Arthur is okay, but no one can replace the original (whose name fails me now). I read that Serena's replacement is someone who used to be on a soap (As the World Turns...she played Julia).
    re: Chris Noth. I haven't seen CI but I will when he appears, and I'll definitely watch every week if he replaces "the other guy."

    I've been watching both the older and newer L&O episodes recently, and I like the older ones much more than the newer ones. I miss Briscoe, and Elisabeth Rohm stinks. My battery-operated Kung Fu hamster can do a better acting job than her.
    Her replacement is Annie Parisse (link).

    BTW, the original DA was Adam Schiff, played by Steven Hill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElizabethG
    Didn't Amy Carlson play the blonde firefighter that got cut in half on Third Watch two seasons ago?

    yeah, I think she did. And wasn't THAT death an awful one to watch! Ugh. This cast is looking better and better.

    Quote Originally Posted by SleepySluggo
    BTW, the original DA was Adam Schiff, played by Steven Hill?

    THANK YOU! That was his name. If I heard either of them, I would have been able to place him immediately. I just couldn't think of it. He was my favorite DA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay
    Here's more info on Trial by Jury which will begin Jan 2005. Click here.

    Show stars:
    Kirk Acevedo - Det. Dan Salazar
    Candice Bergen - Judge Amanda Anderlee
    Amy Carlson - Deputy ADA Kelly Gafney
    George Loros - Sal
    Carey Lowell - Jamie Ross
    John Mahoney -
    Bebe Neuwirth - Tracy Kibre
    Jerry Orbach - Det. Leonard "Lennie" Briscoe
    Fred Thompson - Arthur Branch
    But I read today that Candice Bergen had signed on to Boston Legal?
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    I heard that also, CCL. Maybe she's on BL for a few episodes.

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    I watch L&O CI half-heartedly, just because I do love Vincent D'onofrio, but if he must be replaced, I would absolutely love to see Chris Noth again. I'm reduced to watching TBS reruns of SITC just to catch a brief glimpse of him.

    The cast for the new show looks awesome. Besides the fact that it'll be great to see Jerry Orbach again (how are they going to explain it, though? Didn't he *retire* last season? ) I like Carey Lowell as Jamie and Fred Thompson as Arthur as well. And I'm looking forward to Candice Bergen and Bebe Neuwirth.

    Anyone know what day of the week this new show will run on?
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    Some more Law & Order news, Jesse L. Martin is taking a break from the show.
    Imperioli Subs for Martin on 'Law & Order'.

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) "Sopranos" star Michael Imperioli will step in for Jesse L. Martin on several episodes of "Law & Order" later this season, when Martin takes a break to film the movie "Rent."

    Imperioli, who won an Emmy this year for playing mob soldier Christopher Moltisanti on the HBO series, will play the nephew of Detective Joe Fontana (Dennis Farina), who's partnered with his uncle while Martin's Detective Ed Green is away (NBC isn't revealing the reason for the character's departure).

    Like scores of other New York-based actors, Imperioli has guest-starred on "Law & Order," playing a suspect in a murder case in a 1996 episode. He also appeared in FOX's "New York Undercover," which was created by "L&O" head man Dick Wolf.

    "Dick and his team tell great New York stories and I am excited to be a part of it," Imperioli says. "And I'm glad to be on the right side of the law."

    Martin, who originated the role of Tom Collins in the Broadway musical "Rent," will play the character again in the film version. He says he's grateful to Wolf and NBC for the time off to pursue a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." He's set to return to "Law & Order" for the 2005-06 season.

    "For the past six years, Jesse has been an 'actor's actor' - an incredible performer, total professional and he is liked by everyone," Wolf says. "He had an opportunity to reprise a career-making role that is very important to him, and we wanted to make it work."

    "The Sopranos" is scheduled to return to HBO in 2006 for its final season. Imperioli will next be seen in the ABC movie "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," airing Sunday (Dec. 5).

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    Yahoo, Michael Imperioli is a fabulous actor. I love his work on The Sopranos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay
    Anyone remember when Jerry Orbach's series begins? I miss Lenny Briscoe terribly.
    Trial By Jury has been pushed back to March, as I believe it will begin airing on Fridays at 9:00 PM ET/PT once Third Watch ends its season.

    Also, Elisabeth Rohm's finale as Serena will air on January 12, with Annie Parisse's debut as the new Assistant District Attorney (Alexandra Borgia) airing the following week (1/19).

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    ALERT!! Late Christmas Eve-Early Christmas morning marathon of "L & O" on TNT!!!

    To all:

    Found out early Christmas Eve morning that TNT will be airing SIX straight episodes of "L & O" starting at 11:30 PM tonight and continuing until 5:30 Christmas morning. This is in addition to two episodes at 7:00 and 8:00 PM tonight!

    (Note: All times are Eastern Time)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    I didn't really like Angie Harmon (she was just okay).

    My fave castmembers are/were:

    Jerry Orbach (sadly missed on the show)
    Chris Noth

    Michael Moriarty & Sam Waterson ( I like them both )
    Claire Kincaid (or Dr Jordan Cavanagh, as she is now known )

    I've seen old episodes probably dozens of times each but they never lose their appeal to me. I like SVU but some of the more graphic cases can be a bit much (murder over rape, who knew?). I like Criminal Intent, but then I like Vincent D'Onofrio. If you don't like him you are out of luck with CI.

    BelfastGirl: I was in Ireland once and they were playing a Law and Order episode on one of the British channels. And the theme tune was different from the one we have here. It was so disconcerting.

    Sorry, but only just read your post. I think there are two different themes played for the original Law and Order.It is weird!It's shown on Channel 5 and Hallmark in Britain. Did you see those or was it in the Irish Republic?

    In a similar vein, I have CSI on DVD and the theme music for series 1 is completely different, it's very disconcerting. Just shows how much a theme tune gets ingrained!
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