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The episode opened with two ladies walking home after a night out, with them being robbed at gunpoint, with them calling the cops afterwards. It appeared to be a simple chase with the suspect (Dan Flood) caught until he was shot after his shooting one of the cops. He was dying in the hospital when Joe and Ed talk to him about that, with him and another man (Johnny) admitting to raping and killing a woman named Sarah Dolan 10 years earlier. Joe was looking for more information as it turned out he worked on that case at the time, saying this man didn't kill Sarah Dolan.

After talking with Dan's father, they are talking with his friend Johnny Zona, who said he wasn't with him. Joe then notes how he and his partner at the time thought it was Sara's father who murdered him, and then showed Ed a tape from an interview with Sara's father, noting he not once in the interview called Sara by her name. Like how they then talked to construction workers who noted how Dan Flood had worked for Robert and Amy Dolan near the time of Sara's murder. Joe and Ed then get the door slammed in their faces when they go to the Dolan's home.

Like how Joe and Ed then go through Johnny's prison pals before finding out that Johnny said in prison he strangled a girl. Like how Lexi then argued successfully to have the body exhumed and then it proven that Sara was strangled. It turns out that Johnny had found his father dead, with his mother saying that Johnny's brother Nick should have found the body. They find his brother owning a restaurant in Brooklyn, doing well in spite of being unable to sell booze. Nick then agrees to testify against Johnny, but Jack was concerned about the credibility of the witnesses even though he said to arrest Johnny.

I then like how Arthur then reminds Jack how he has to win the case because it was an election year, with it noted that Amy had died the morning after the indictment.

Jack then gets a motion to suppress Kenny Muhammed's communication that put Johnny in jail on religious grounds.

Like how Lexi then tells Jack they should go for a plea, with her admitting she talked to Arthur, with Jack then talking with Arthur and refusing to take a plea, with Nick then saying how he didn't come clean until now. Nick then admitted that Joe would promise Nick a liquor license if he did, with Joe and Jack at odds afterwards.

At trial, Nick then says that Johnny killed Sara, which he said at his cousin's funeral. Jack then sees his case fall apart, then telling Jack in private that Johnny killed "someone", not necessarily Sara.

Like how Jack then basically hands over Nick to the defense to impeach him, with Jack and Joe then at odds once again.

Lexi then shows Jack a photo of Johnny Zona from 10 years earlier, with Jack then going to Rob Dolan's Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, with his refusing to cooperate because of his previously being accused himself. Johnny Zona and his attorney then agree to an accessory to murder charge and 3-9 years, with Johnny privately admitting that he was there and Dan Flood raping Sara when Johnny only wanting to get cash for drugs and killing her.

At that point, Jack talks with Rob Dolan again after Lexi got him to pick Johnny out of a photo array, with Rob then telling Jack he would testify. With Joe watching in the gallery, Rob then testifies he did not kill Sara, which he had been accused of 10 years earlier. He then admits in court to hiring a defense attorney, with Rob calling Joe and his partner at that time lying, press-hungry Detectives. Johnny would be found guilty of second degree murder.

Like at the end how Ed informs Joe of the verdict, with Joe then coming out to apologize to Rob for the hell he went through 10 years earlier, with Rob refusing to shake his hand.

Yet another great episode!