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Thread: CSI

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    Wow, what a show. Sorry Kepplers gone, but can't say I didn't see if coming from the top of the show. Not much else to do with a sympathetic dirty cop, but kill him off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus;2235260;
    She's never taken too well to not having things go her way (though the reaction is usually anger or contempt, not frustrated tears), and Keppler dying wasn't a way she wanted things to go - you know she had a thing for him.
    I totally agree. Perhaps I'm reading far too much into it, but did you see how unhappy she looked that Grissom was back. She seemed to be giving him such attitude. Especially when they were sitting around discussing what to do about the Keppler situation. It was also pretty obvious from the moment he asked her to do the reverse forensic scenerio that she was taking a liking to him. But her behaviour last night did seem too over the top and really not plausible. Then again, I'm really not a Catherine fan, so I could be reading too much into things.

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    It could be that she has just lost her father. Her anger may stem from the fact that she might like to head the team one day. This will not happen if Grissom is there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornedbeef;2236107;
    It could be that she has just lost her father. Her anger may stem from the fact that she might like to head the team one day. This will not happen if Grissom is there.
    Wasn't she offered the day shift a season or two ago, yet she chose to remain part of Grissom's team?

    I think the anger might stem from Grissom being willing to put Keppler on the hot seat and telling Catherine to do her job instead of going after Keppler to help him.

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    She was swing shift supervisor for a while, with Nick and Warwick as her team (Grissom was given Sarah, Greg and Sophia as his team).
    Grissom told Eckley he wanted his "guys back" after the double episode where Nick was abducted and buried.
    I'm not sure why they would have two people of supervisory level on the same shift and why graveyard went from four people back to six though.

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    I really enjoyed tonight's episode...I was hoping they would find the mini killer, but it looks like there is a long list of suspects now...Hodges is really starting to creep me out with his little man crush on Gris...

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    Hodges gives me the creeps as well. He is even creepier than Keppler ever was.
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    They might be two of the children in the old man's home movie. The method the murderer used to kill the policewoman doesn't ruleout Keppler as a suspect

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    Keppler didn't know he was going to die and the murder was preplanned so it is possible he was the killer. And it could still be Hodges. It could be anyone! It might even be a girl. They are assuming the killer is male because a male would more likely fit the profile but it could be female. Maybe they can subpoena the psychiatrist's patient records.
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    I don't think this story line is going to be finished until May sweeps.
    Keppler is a good possibility for a suspect. Now that the psychiatrist is dead and one of her patients is a likely suspect you would think it would be quite easy to subpoena her records.
    Glad they are keeping Greg's court storyline in the background. Hope it stays that way. I am sure it won't though.
    I have been watching old CSI's in syndication and really like it when Grissom and Katherine worked together. Wish they would have hooked him up with her instead of Sarah.

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    Just watched last night's episode and the last scene where Sara is shaving Grissom's face she asks him if he trusts her and he says intimately. Guess they are going to stay an item for a while. Next week looks like a re-run....bummer. I want to see him give her the letter and talk about it.
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