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Thread: CSI

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    I missed the first 15 minutes of it. I loved this episode. I think QT did an excellent job. I'll admit that it made me cry. When Nick was talking into the recorder, that was so sad. I liked the aspect of seeing the way they care for each other, as well. I thought it was cool that Grissom could "read" what Nick was saying. I would love to know what he said. I somehow missed how Catherine got the money, too.
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    This is how Catherine got the money, CBS has the episode recap up.


    In Drai's Restaurant, Sam Braun holds court with a blonde showgirl, Tony Curtis and Frank Gorshin. Catherine appears and tells Sam that she needs to talk to him. When the showgirl informs her that he already has someone to talk to, Catherine tells her to "zip it." Sam introduces Catherine as his daughter.

    By the bar, Catherine asks Sam for the million dollars needed for the ransom, it will be good publicity for him. Sam tells her to ask him for the money "like you were my daughter."

    Catherine drops a satchel of cash on Grissom's desk. He worries that if the press finds out the lab will appear to be in Sam Braun's pocket. Catherine tells him to come up with a better plan. Grissom says he will make the drop.

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    I absolutely loved this episode.It made me cry.I thought that the acting was really great.The only part that I didnt like was the dream sequence.That was just weird....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Susie
    I for one, am very glad that Nick lived. I just love him.
    You're not the only one, Susie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPerez
    2. What did Catherine have to do for the money??

    3. That whole lil convo between Sam and Tony and that other guy.....What?? What was the purpose for that??
    2. I think she had to just ask nicely for the money, rather than showing her obvious contempt for her Dad. It probably killed her to have to be nice to him.

    3. That "other guy" was the late, great Frank Gorshin. I wish his role had been larger, but at least we got to see some of his classic impersonations one last time before he died. Having Sam chatting with Tony Curtis and Frank Gorshin would be a character device to show that Sam is one of the good ol' boys of Vegas.

    It was nice of them to include "In Loving Memory of Frank Gorshin" in the credits, given that he only died 2 days before the show aired. It made me

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXlurker

    I think Q.T. should have directed it but shouldn't have written it. It was predictable and far from character.

    ETA: Edited to add that the black and white hallucination part was the worst part.
    I agree. Not that I have a problem with QT, but CSI doesn't need him.

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    I thought that this episode was awesome! I could not take my eyes off of the screen. If George Eads had died, I would have cried. He is so gorgeous! I loved the black guy and how much love he showed for Nick. Fire ants were scary as hell, that hallucination was really... weird and sickening, and George Eads's acting was really good. Thumbs up from me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPerez

    1. Was the killing of the twins explained?? Where did that come from?? They just said how it was done and then..............nothing..
    I'm still confused what that had to do with this episode.

    It was way too creepy for me. LOVE George Eads. Hated that dream sequence. I agree that CSI doesn't need QT to be great.

    Glad to see a somewhat human side of Conrad, but still want him gone.

    I didn't really care for the ending that much for some reason. Are we supposed to assume this means this girl will be coming back in the future to carry out the revenge?
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    having been on the receiving end of a fire ant attack, I am glad I missed this one. Hate to relive that episode of my life.... fire ants HURT AND BURN LIKE HELL !!!!!
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    I loved the finale. It was creepy as hell -- especially since my biggest fear is being buried alive. And what a kicker: having fire ants invade the coffin!

    Oh, and I adore George Eads. I listened to him in an interview and he has the cutest southern accent.
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