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Thread: Saturday Night Live: 30th Season

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    No real comment on the comedy part of tonight's show, but that last set by U2 was great. I Will Follow was awesome.

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    Episode VI: Luke Wilson and U2

    Opening Words: This could be good…I have faith in this episode

    Ratings: 9=A 7=B 5=C 3=D 1=F

    Cold Opening: Bush Apprentice

    George W. parodies the Apprentice as they go over the war in Iraq and what went wrong. Of course I have never seen a second of this show, so a lot of it is lost on me, but it was on par with the sketch they had last year with Trump hosting. The crowd was a little silent on this one and it seemed to end at a very strange point.
    Yeah, what was up with that ending?
    Will Forte gets the Live from NY

    Actors: Hammond, Forte, Finesse, Maya
    Best Line: Hammond: I say we fire the chick and James Earl Jones and get the hell out of here.
    Rating: 5


    Luke Wilson talks about Horatio and himself went drinking. They go through a few cell phone photos…a little awkward at times, but it got a few laughs. It wasn’t anything special and seems like it was kind of written at the last minute, but it was ok.

    Actors: Horatio
    Best Line: Horatio: That’s ok, Toys R Us isn’t pressing charges
    Rating: 5

    Debbie Downer

    The first time they did this, the crowd loved it and it was praised as the best sketch of the year. The second time they did it, it flopped big time. The crowd was already laughing like this was the funniest thing before it already started. I don’t know about this one, but she’d say something vague like “not as bad for the Chinese” then you’d get the wha-whaa from the trumpet…leaving you with a confused look on your face, then she’d say the kicker. I don’t know…but how much can we bring up feline AIDS? This is 3 of 3 and counting. Again, I come out impressed.

    Actors: Amy, Rachael, Horatio, Seth, Fred
    Best Line: --
    Rating: 3

    Next Episode: Colin Farrell and Scissor Sisters

    Dick Clark’s American Trainwreck Awards

    This has a novel premise, but once they said Diana Ross…it was ok with Diana and Anna Nicole Smith. Second up is Tara Reid and Mickey Rourke…which was significantly less funny (Reid’s dress comes off). Fred comes on as Tony Danza (which was a very good impersonation), and he introduces some musical guests who then get pummeled by the Indiana Pacers. This was a little unevenly paced, but I liked it nonetheless, especially the end with the pacers.

    Actors: Maya, Amy, Rachael, Seth, Fred, Riggle, Finesse
    Best Line: Maya: Courtney Love with her Boobie in the black guy’s mouth at Wendy’s
    Rating: 6

    TV Funhouse: Machine that turns people straight.

    Machine turns gay celebs straight at the end Bush gets switched with Meh.

    Rating: D+

    T. Mickey’s

    Premise- couple Amy and Rob visit Luke and Amy. The whole time Luke and Rob feed each other in a very promiscuous manner. Eventually two women leave…That’s all I have on this sketch. It’s best for everyone to just move on…

    Actors: Forte, Riggle, Maya, Amy
    Best Line: --
    Rating: 3

    Performance 1: U2
    1, 2, 3, 14….

    Weekend Update:

    Tina’s first joke flops…as usual, but seems oblivious.
    Hammond comes on as Arnold…and butchers him for a second year in a row. It’s like a bad MadTV impersonation.
    Amy flounders her way though a viagra joke, but seems oblivious.
    Amy and Tina ruin a little bit with a janitor by laughing/commenting at the end
    Tina does a joke that the crowd…and everyone didn’t get…
    The toy thing at the end was mildly funny

    Actors: Tina, Amy, Hammond, Maya, Fred
    Best Line:

    Coolest Teacher

    Seth, the cool teacher, meets an even cooler History teacher, complete with cheesy 80 montages. This was funny, but the crowd took a while to get into this one, but I liked it from the get-go. The twist at the end, the cool history teacher is the mean science teacher…and there’s a cameo by JB Soove.

    Actors: Seth Amy, Keenan, Fred, Horatio, Chris,
    Best Line: Horatio: Yeah, he’s being a human being
    Rating: 8

    The Falconer

    This reoccurring character, which I claim to be the best the past few years, was only on once last year (Baldwin). Falconer and similar character get caught under a landslide, and instead of saving them, they go to the state fair.

    Actors: Forte, Keenan
    Best Line: --
    Rating: 10

    Performance 2: U2

    Hyatt Bar

    Three druken businessmen share their secrets at the Hyatt Lounge…and say the same thing over and over .trips stink, can write off anything, time away from the Mrs., you’re breath smells, who’s getting laid, hello ladies at the bar, and repeat. I liked it’. It was a good throwaway sketch at the end.

    Actors: Keenan, Seth, Amy
    Best Line: Keenan: You can write off anything. I ordered a pot roast and 11 bath robes…
    Rating: 6

    Closing Credits/Perforamcne 3

    SNL just can’t enough of U2.

    Rating: 48/90 (.54)

    Overall Thoughts: I thought this was a really solid show. It was high profile with U2 coming on and everyone had to step their game up, and with the exception of a few sketches *cough* Debbie Downer *cough,* it was a very solid show. We got to see some more of Mr. Riggle, which is good. I thought it was good…

    MVP: Will/Ron
    LVP: Hammond. When will the Schwarzenegger impression go away?

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    I thought the first Debby Downer was very funny, a 9/10. The second was still funny, but not that great, a 5/10. Last night's was horrible and it used the same jokes as previous versions, a 2/10.

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    What, you're not down with the Feline AIDS?

    it's good to see everyone finally turn on this horrible sketch...not that i'm vindictive or anything.

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    The re-run tonight of the Ben Affleck ep. was changed, the Debbie Downer sketch was the one used in dress rehearsals, have they ever done that before?

    Next week Jude Law and Ashlee Simpson, obviously for ratings i'm wondering if they'll keep the screw up in there. The week after that a new episode, Colin Farrell with musical guest Scissor Sisters.

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    they do that a fair amount of times...depending upon how sketches go, sometimes they're actually funnier in Dress...

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    Also, the escalator sketch was the second to last on the first airing, now it led off

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    Yeah, I was about to post something about the Debbie Downer dress rehersal thing. Maybe the skit only works if everyone's losing their concentration in the skit, I dunno.

    Now next week should be intresting...will the lipsynching fiasco be funny the second time around? Only time will tell...

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    is that next week? i thought it was SNL 75-80, but then again i'm so out of it right now i don't know.

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    I hope this doesn't put me in the Carol Burnett/Bob Hope/Benny Hill school of comedy viewer, but the Fred guy's dead-on bird impression just cracked me up.
    Liam Neeson should stick to drama. Dude can't do comedy. I thought Luke Wilson, of all people, could do comedy, but he can't either.
    This show is badly in need of a break-out star.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." — George Orwell

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