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Thread: Saturday Night Live: 30th Season

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    It was very clear to me that Ms. Simpson was totally lip synching when she performed her first song. When she was ready to do her second song, she got busted. Period. Someone cued the wrong track. She walked off like a baby because she was embarassed, as she should be. Then at the very end of the show, she tried to blame the whole thing on her band.
    (I happen to have the whole thing on tape...I wanted to record this week because of Jude Law )

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    The funny thing is, i was reading stuff from west coast viewers, and on that airing, the song wasn't cued at all...so it looked like the band started playing and she just walked off for no reason.

    but Fire, if you look at the first song, they have her vocals and the house vocals at the same time, creating some sort of echo, then went away, and that's how i came to the conclusion of her needing it to be in key....because if you remember, during the MTV VMA awards, she was horribly off key

    but still, that was really funny.

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    I'll remind everyone here that we do not allow links to copyrighted broadcast media posted on non-official sites, and will remove those links. If posted multiple times, we may take more drastic action.

    All of this is covered in our rules, which can be read by clicking on "FAQ" at the top of any page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSi
    The funny thing is, i was reading stuff from west coast viewers, and on that airing, the song wasn't cued at all...so it looked like the band started playing and she just walked off for no reason.
    I was even caught off guard by it! Very few people truly sing "live" without that vocal track running. I have yet to see Beyonce sing live. They always got a tape playing and they sing whenever they are not leaping around the stage.

    But holy cow the thing with Ashley just cracked me up. She should have just laughed it off... and waited for the right tape to cue up. Then again she might have been a total nightmare all week... and the audio guy got even with her on a live show.

    Now she is prone to throwing fits when things don't go her way... makes you wonder if she trashed her dressing room doesn't it.

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    Thanks for the recap, psi. You're kinder than I would have been. The last few episodes show how much the actors bring (or fail to bring) to this show. The Fallon retrospective was 10 times funnier than anything I've seen this season.

    Hammond needs to retire Hardball. It was mildly amusing the first time, but now it's as repetitious as a Jeopardy sketch. The presidential debate was hysterical the first time, funny the second time, and boring the third time. Can you say "grasping"?
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." — George Orwell

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    Well, what it seems like this season is what i shall call the "orange county syndrome"

    Remember that movie with Jack Black? It looked hilarious in the previews and everything...after my friends and i saw it, the first thing we said was "it was....good...not funny...but good...well written, yeah" and other people who have seen it more or less have said the same thing. . . . that's how this season is going.
    the basketball sketch last week - well written, dead on, just not funny.

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    Episode IV: Kate Winslet/Eminem

    Episode IV: Kate Winslet and Eminem

    Opening Words: Saturday Night Live is back on top now. The Ashlee Simpson snafu is probably the best thing that could have possibly happened to the show. The show’s in a lull, no breakout cast members, sketches are forgettable…you think there’s no hope in sight, and out of nowhere, all the free press you can imagine. Hopefully they can make the best of it

    Cold Opening: Tom Brokaw

    Tom Brokaw talks about the Osama tape with subtitles by the department of defense. Seth Myers replaces Jimmy Fallon, and all he has to do is just sit there and go “hal-alla-hal-al-alla-al” repeatedly. This is all in the subtitles…it has some funny points, where Osama talks about the issues affecting the election, but it just keeps going, and that’s it. No acting skills once-so-ever. And, of course, there’s the obligatory dig towards Ashlee Simpson. That was funny, but it wasn’t anything special otherwise.

    Actors: Parnell, Myers
    Best Line: But if she [THK] were my wife, I wouldn’t stop beating her.
    Overall Rating: 5


    Kate talks about the Ashlee Simpson incident, saying she has to perform live now. I notice a trend. I hope this ends soon, if this continues for the next hour an a half, I’ll go crazy. She then goes into a little song and dance about how it’s live. I’m not impressed. Oh she can tap dance…and I care why?

    Best Line: --
    Overall Rating: 4

    Rap Night with Chubb Hotty

    Horatio plays Chubb Hotty, a fat rapper hosting his own rap talk show. Instantly brings up the Red Sox, which is greeted by boos (last week it was cheers). This is like a poor version of Carsinio. Norah and Chubb do a duet, where he raps about being fat and then eventually farley-s through the piano, some back and forth action and they reduce it one big fart joke. Wow, what a way to kill a sketch. I cannot reward MadTVisms.

    Actors: Keenan, Horatio
    Best Line: I wear special socks so my feets don’t fall off
    Overall Rating: 4 Would’ve probably been a 7 without that horrible ending.

    Next Week: Best of Tom Hanks
    Mrs. Dr. Frankenstein:

    Old black and white film about a woman creating the perfect husband, and gets…a gay Frankenstein. The girls tell him he’s gay, and he just sits there acting gay. Kate overacts in this scene as, from what we learned with Horatio in the last sketch, acting isn’t their strength. Frankenstein rearranges the furniture, drinks some tea, and sings Legs by ZZ top. They’re not off to a good start. Now don’t get me wrong, this was written well, just not funny.

    Actors: Maya, Amy, Rachael, Parnell, Fred
    Best Line: Oh yeah, I made a homo.
    Overall Rating: 4

    Saturday TV Funhouse: Fun with Real Audio

    McCain tries to introduce Bush at a rally, but can’t do it. Goes way too long. And by way too long I mean more than a minute.

    Rating: D-

    Kerry Rally:

    Clinton and Kerry backstage talking about the pep rally, and everyone loves Clinton and ignores Kerry. Yeah..i’m going to skip by this one. It wasn’t memorable, it wasn’t that funny. So why should I even bother.

    Actors: Will, Keenan, Seth, Hammond, Riggle, Amy, Maya, Fred
    Best Line: --
    Overall Rating: 4

    Performance 1: Eminem

    Emimen, minus crew, performs his anti-Bush Song. Strange…I remember years back when they were scared of RATM and their controversy…and they let eminem play this now…oh how the times have changed.

    Weekend Update:

    I’m just not going to comment on this. I just don’t like the Tina-Amy combination. It hasn’t gotten better. Red Sox reference gets a cheer this time, and Johnny Damon makes a cameo appearance with a very happy Seth Myers. Will Forte talks about his Halloween memories…in song form, and ends with him doing a long “hall-oo-weeen” went too long…I think on purpose. Fred is a Peruvian who visits Democracy Plaza in NY. It’s like a mix between a bad Leno sketch and home video. Didn’t really fit. Speaking of fits, next up is Elton John, who sings about Ashlee Simpson. . .
    However, this was a very long WU. They had 4 separate little interludes between the “news” more than the average 1 or 2. .

    Actors: Tina, Amy, Seth, Will, Fred, Horatio
    Best Line: …although the Kerry mask [Scream mask] is still doing well]
    Overall Rating: 5

    Hyperactive Kid

    The hyperactive kid from the sleepover in the Linday Lohan episode returns. Now she’s at the mall and wants to get her ears pierced. Kate plays her dramatic …cousin, sister. If I think back hard enough, I nominated it last year for the worst sketch of the year. I get a sneaking suspicion that this will appear there again this year.

    Actors: Amy, Horatio, Rachael, Maya
    Best Line: ------
    Overall Rating: 1

    Musical Performance 2:

    He plays that horrible new single that all the kids listen to these days…but what do the kids know. They ruined music for everyone. He either looks uninspired or bored. Very unenergetic.

    Goodwin Wig and Toys:

    Glenda Goodwin sells costumes like carrot, disco roller skater….non-scary costumes. The epitome of a 12:55 sketch. Sort of thrown together. Not much of a set, put in a lot of graphics and cut-aways. . . nothing special here at all.

    Actors: Maya
    Best Line:
    Overall Rating: 3

    Decision 2004:

    Tim Russert and Tom Brokaw plan the graphics out for the map…and they play with it ranging from Robin’s egg blue to…tan. Nothing special. Not bad, but not good. Ah, the 12:55 throw-away sketch.

    Actors: Parnell, Fred, Hammond
    Best Line: --
    Overall Rating: 5

    Closing Credits: Cut off, of course. Finesse has a “Hope” shirt on…translation- I “hope” to be on the show one day. Is that now 3 DNPs for Mr. Mitchell? Not good.

    Overall Thoughts: This is, flat out, an uninspired, forgettable episode. The only sketch I like (the talk show) got totally ruined with the degradation of a fart joke. The rest, well it was written well, but I didn’t laugh much. Weekend Update got better, and I think this hinges upon who else they have. Because, what once used to be the cornerstone of the show is just…more or less a wreck. I haven’t heard anyone say that it’s actually a good combination yet. Not good.

    Overall Rating: 35/90 (.39)
    Felt Like: 4.
    MVP: this is a tough one. I’ll have to say Keenan for actually making it on the first sketch of the night.
    LVP: Amy. That hyperactive kid bit is horrible…last year she kind of pulled it off, now she just looks like a creepy old person in tight pink clothing.

    Last Words: Not Good.

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    I tuned in just in time to see Eminem singing something.

    Two questions:

    1. Was it raining on stage? I was watching on a handheld tv, and it was difficult to tell. The music seemed to imply thunder from time to time, and he seemed dressed for foul weather.

    2. My ears aren't used to Eminem, and it was difficult to make sense of what he was actually singing, but it sounded kind of like he was advocating sedition. Was I hearing incorrectly?

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    Becuase the whole show stunk I found Amy's Hyperactive Kid sketch the best of the night. Maybe it was because I was in a 'I want to laugh' mood.

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    Hi, Olivia!
    Goodwin Costumes was priceless. It wasn't so much the script itself or the concept (it was useless), but Maya's delivery was money.

    She gave me one of those lines ("You'll be leaving here empty-handed...except for the bag of ice you'll be holding to your n*ts.") that I'm going to steal and incorporate into my own patter.
    "...Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but...the bad things don’t always spoil the good things." - The Doctor

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