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I watched the show on and off last night. I can never sit through the whole show. I did see the opening with Paula. Good for her for not hiding out and for handling the situation with some humor.

The funniest part I saw was the "commercial" for Mom Jeans - with the 9" zipper and elastic waist!
Thanks to Tivo, I never have to sit through a whole show. They should pay me for promoting their product since I talk about it so much! I had not watched SNL through the years because I could not sit through the whole thing either. With fast forward and pause, it is now watchable.

I recently set up a Season Pass to SNL after seeing some of the repeats on the E! network and realizing that I think it is funny (after all these years!)
I saw an old Mother's Day epi with the Mom Jeans ad, so this year they repeated the "commercial" that had been previously aired. I didn't think it was that funny, but it was memorable.