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Thread: Father of the Pride

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    Father of the Pride

    This cartoon was so funny a few weeks ago when Andy Richter and Lisa Kudrow played pandas. It was sort of naughty, not sure if the kids should see it.

    I saw the episode last night and I swear I saw the same plot on Roseanne!! It's were Dan (John Goodman plays the lion in the show) and Rosanne find pot and smoke it.

    I am a big fan of computer animations, but this cartoon is not doing much to impress me. Either they vamp up the adult humor (can those silly Sigfried and Roy) or move this thing to ABC Disney Channel.

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    Happy dance....!!! I heard this show was cancelled

    Good riddance
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    now can we see the finale of LCS? Gah, I hate this show. My daughter wants to watch it because it's animated, but it is definitely not for kids. Too dumb for grown-ups, too adult for kids - just worthless.
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    I can't believe they let it run as long as it did. I would have rather seen Hawaii over this and that got cancelled first.
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