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    I know I'm a few months late to reply to this... But i loved the series finale. I loved that Sydney and Vaughn finally ended up together and got out of the CIA. I'm so glad that Sloane is stuck under a boulder for all of eternity and very sad that Jack died I have mixed feelings about Irina's death though.

    I do have a ton of questions left. Like the whole Rambaldi thing. What ever happened to the Prophecy? And what was the thing with Tom and his wife being killed?

    I will definately miss Alias.

    But I did just see season 2's finale. It was amazing. I loved the last 15 minutes. Especially when Vaughn was talking to Sydney in the safe house. That was so heartbreaking. And when I saw Vaughn's wedding ring, even though I knew what was going to happen I was in so much shock. lol. It's now my favorite epi.
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