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Thread: Lost - Season 1.

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    excellent theory, with the "monster" be associated with the psycological state of the person who is seeing it. Every scenerio coincides with that!!

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    Good thing I read through the thread first to see what you all had to say - otherwise I would have come here and repeated nearly every last word! I just love discussing this show with all of you. Touque - love your theories and speculation. Gutmutter - you're right; the more information we receive, the more questions we have. This is a GREAT show.

    RealityTVfan - sorry you missed the show. Brief rundown:
    Jack wanted to burn the dead bodies, and most of the others did not have a problem with it and helped to gather fire kindling to do so. (Sayed was the only one who seemed to have a real problem with this). Claire (pregnant girl) gathered as much info as she could about the dead passengers and held a memorial for them.
    EDIT: This posted before I finished typing so I will add more in the next post.
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    RealityTVfan, just continuing my other post since I accidentally posted before I was done recapping.
    Claire found an envelope with Sayed's name on it and gave it to him. He was very happy to see that it wasn't lost, and it was pictures of a woman.
    Rose (the black woman who Jack sat next to on the plane) had been sitting off by herself on the beach with no food and water since the crash. Jack went to talk to her and just sat next to her until she was ready to talk. She wears her husband's wedding ring around her neck because his fingers swell when they fly. She believes that her husband is still alive and that those who were in the tail of the plane are alive and think they (those on the beach) are all dead. Jack gets her to go back to the beach with the others for the memorial.
    Focus of the show was on Locke and his background. Come to find out, he's the one who was in the wheelchair before the crash and after the crash is healed and can walk again. In his "real" life, he works a crappy office job with a young jerk for a boss. His life seems real sad as he was "in love" with a woman named Helen, and as you can see from the posts on the board there is debate over who she really is. There is also some speculation as to whether or not Locke really is a secret agent or spy or was at one time a real colonel. Anyway, he's the one who suggests they hunt for boars (they do this with the knives he has). Kate and Michael go with him to hunt and Michael talks when he isn't supposed to and the boar rushes at them, injuring Michael. Kate tends to Michael while Locke goes off to hunt the boar himself. While doing so, he sees the "monster". However, he survives (and later denies seeing a monster) and returns to the beach with a boar for food.
    Jack saw a man in a black suit near the trees in the jungle several times. We don't know who this is or what this is about (hallucinations? something spooky? who knows?)
    Shannon convinces Charlie to fish for her and he does get her one fish. He finds out that she was using him for food. Poor guy - he looked so sad. He's almost out of his stash.
    If I missed anything, someone else jump in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burntcrow
    The monster/island
    Click to see Spoiler:
    The producers said that the monster will take on a small role in episodes to come. They just wanted to introduce it in the first episodes so that viewers will know it is there. They said there is an explanation for the monster, but we won't get it for a long time. Also, the producers mentioned that the show has a real explanation and is not magic/supernatural or anything of that nature. They said that their is a valid explanation based on science/pseudo science. Unless they are trying to mislead the public I don't see why they would be lying. THis would rule out any comic book/polar bear theories or the purgatory ones as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by janakisses
    What if.....

    The remote island was used as a research lab and the creature is an experiment with DNA that went terribly wrong and killed the scientists and has been roaming free on the island for 16 years? The polar bear could even be one of the contributors of the DNA and we will see even more animals that have no logical explanation being on the island that have escaped the facility as well.
    Perhaps, this is gives my theory some hope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Charlie sneaks off to ingest some drugs. What's he going to do when it runs out?
    That's a good question.....When he goes through withdrawls that is going to be tough to hide....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    Sorry, but our focus here is on reality television. A single thread devoted to Lost in this Non-Reality Shows forum is the best we can offer you.
    Can there at least be separate ones for each week? It would make it easier to find the discussion on the current episode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71
    Can there at least be separate ones for each week? It would make it easier to find the discussion on the current episode.
    Looking through this thread you'll see numerous examples of that sort of thing for various shows. Theres nothing to keep someone from starting a discussion post for each individual episode or a post aimed at discussing a particular character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71
    Can there at least be separate ones for each week? It would make it easier to find the discussion on the current episode.
    Holly, I was wishing for the same thing, but it doesnt seem like its going to happen. I usually just click to the last page, and scroll back by looking at the date/times!

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    I just finished watching the episode on tape. My, that was compelling. I love the development of Locke's character. I wish I had been able to se the first few shows!

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    Considering the speculation from some of the posters, maybe thats Rod Serling lurking on the edge of the bushes. Having the boogyman creature is weird enough, the idea that all will turn out to be just a nanosecond dream prior to death or that they are all working on personal issues prior to "moving on" is an unsettling idea to me, but it IS hard to envision a happy ending for these people.

    The posts that speak to how the individual survivors react to the 'great unknown whatever' sound reasonable enough to me, though I wonder about the ill fated pilot. He was a take charge person by training and temperment, likely to deal with fearsome situations as well or better than almost any of the others. But he didn't have time for more that a buh bye wave of his foot as he was dragged out the cockpits window for dinner.

    On an earlier post or two it was suggested that perhaps the big ugly did in the boar that Locke brought back. I'm inclined to disagree. I don't see Locke as caring to take the credit for what another had done.

    While seeing Locke highlighted left me wanting to see much more about him, I'm hoping that it can be done without taking away the opportunity to expand the others as well. I'm particularly interested at the moment in learning more about Sayid's background. While Jack seemed like he was going to emerge as the default leader at first, Sayid took in upon himself to rally the troops in a way that hadn't even occurred to the Doc. No one seems to be on a power trip (yet), so at least we won't have THAT kind of friction anytime soon.

    I imagine that when and if the survivors do fracture it will be when someone suggests leaving the permanency of that particular beach in order to either seek a longterm homestead or the power source driving that 16 year message loop.

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