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Thread: Lost - Season 1.

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    Prior to later revelations I'd been hoping that before he left Colonel Locke had done that unkempt slime doggie mismanager a favor by using one of his favorite blades to address that ridiculous goatee and sideburns with a dry shave.

    I was self speculating about Yeti type guys/gals running loose on the isle, but whatever Locke ran up against in stalking the boar made his gaze travel much higher than that possibility. I think Michael ought to have been toungelashed at the very least in addition to his injury for needlessly calling out their position to the boar.

    I don't understand the tongue-tied restraint of Locke and the doc, Locke for having obviously ran across something that seemed at least twice his height, and the doc for failing to mention seeing Suit dude twice or more. I wonder if he believes that sighting was part of the post tramatic stress process?

    Now that Rose had her heart to heart with Doc on the beach, I hope she either remains, or becomes, a primary character. Nice persona she has.

    I dont understand torching the fuselage. They should have gotten past the heebe-jeebies, buckled down and buried the bodies within it. It seems to me they through away quite a bit of material in the flames that they might have stripped and put to some use even if they never felt the desire to use the hulk as shelter.

    On second thought, they ought to have burned the bodies, cleaner I think, but only after stripping them of anything useful.

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    Wow! Tonight's episode was great. I would've never imagined that Locke was in a wheel-chair and that he was living in a fantasy world. Now, we know that the miracle happened to him. If he didn't see the 'monster', he at least heard it, so I wonder why he didn't discuss it a little bit more with Walt's dad.

    A friend of mine was wondering how they would stretch out the story about the monster. I think having the stories of each of the characters is filling in the episodes nicely. I love the way we get to discover a little bit more about each character. Even Sawyer isn't as bad as his outside appearance would suggest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay
    Hands up if you thought "Colonel" Locke was an undercover spy or covert Special Forces guy. * first to hold my hand up *
    I still believe that. Scumby little bossy boy figures that what he reads in a folder is the truth, but while "Colonel" could be Lockes handle for the board war gaming, I think that the Colonel EARNED his handle, and was set up in his current position by an organization that didn't have the proper notion of how to honor someones previous service.

    I know a person who was wheelchair bound for a long time could learn much from books and aquire a taste for a knive collection, but its easier for me to believe Locke's knowledge about boars, their habitat, and the best way to stalk them, as well as his use of hand signals in the bush adopted without discusssion implies to me that he'd travelled that path before. I'll bet he has, if not a name for every knive he owns, a well grounded knowledge from expierience of what makes one superior over another in a particular case from having field tested them.

    Consider the small fieldcraft that he also displayed in making the whistle, not just ANY whistle, but one specifically meant to call the dog.

    I think Locke's days in the office are over, he just has to return once and deal with a vermin problem the office suffers from.

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    Anyone know how much 'time' has passed on the island?

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    hey everyone....this show gets better and better each week. The following are some tidbits of info I have picked up from reading some articles and viewing character interviews.....They will be in spoiler tags just in case someone doesn't want to read about it.

    The monster/island
    Click to see Spoiler:
    The producers said that the monster will take on a small role in episodes to come. They just wanted to introduce it in the first episodes so that viewers will know it is there. They said there is an explanation for the monster, but we won't get it for a long time. Also, the producers mentioned that the show has a real explanation and is not magic/supernatural or anything of that nature. They said that their is a valid explanation based on science/pseudo science. Unless they are trying to mislead the public I don't see why they would be lying. THis would rule out any comic book/polar bear theories or the purgatory ones as well.

    Supporting Cast
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I was very scared for Rose tonight. She is not in the main cast and was listed under guest star. This episode, "Walkabout" was the last time she is mentioned as a guest star so I figured she was a goner. It looks like we won't be seeing her for a while after tonight. Another interesting piece of info is that Claire (the pregnant lady) is also a guest star and not part of the regular cast.

    Click to see Spoiler:
    The actress that plays Sun did an interview which you can view on the official ABC site where she said that her character speaks English but we find out later why she doesn't talk in English/
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    Quote Originally Posted by touque
    Only one complaint. Sawyer's tough guy thing is starting to bug me. And then he gives the peanuts to the pregnant girl. I hope the writers realize we have caught on to the idea that he is actually an o.k guy with a bit of a tough exterior and get on with developing his character.
    If it wasn't decimated, I'd thought that his tough guy act was shown at least in part to be just that in the aftermath of his ill advised attempt at mercy killing. That seemed to tear at him in a way that went against the way his persona was presented, at least in my mind.

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    cool infor about Sun! never knew that. By the way, is Charlie starting to fall for Shannon? He seemed extremely bummed when he found out she was just using him...

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    Leftcoaster - I agree - what a waste to burn everything in the plane.
    Jarron - I heard "It's been 6 days" either on the show or on the previews.
    Since they were able to catch a fish, why aren't more people making an effort with spears or makeshift nets, etc. if they're out of food? I can't believe Charlie let her walk off with that fish so easily.

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    Thanks for the info, burntcrow!
    The bit about the monster kind of took the wind out of my sails though.
    I was just going to go on a rant about Locke and the monster and perhaps the reason Locke escaped was because he didn't run, or show any fear in it's presence... but your info leaves me

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    Burntcrow- The second person you mention as a guest star is one of the first ones listed in the opening credits. At least in tonight's episode the person was. The person was not listed as a guest. Is something going to change?

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