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Thread: Lost - Season 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea
    That plume of smoke is so creepy...
    That kept making me think of recent news items: Maybe "the others" are selecting a new pope.

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    Info in the ABC summary not in the episode

    The following is in ABC's summary on their website for last nights episode. The stuff I'm adding was NOT in the episode


    Charlie and Claire watch Rousseau from a distance and worry. Charlie does his best to comfort the girl he cares so much for, but it's an uphill battle. Claire tells Charlie that, when she escaped from Ethan -- however she got away -- she knew they would come back for her. Charlie realizes something. "Is that why you haven't named the baby?" Claire's eyes fill with tears, but remain firmly fixed on Rousseau. She nods her answer.

    Back at the beach, Claire asks Rousseau how she knows her. She can't place it, but she knows they have met before. But that's impossible, and Rousseau says as much. Claire tells her about Ethan kidnapping her, that she escaped, but she can't remember how. Rousseau ignores her and busies herself with the new hiking boots she has obviously liberated from the camp. Something seems to click inside Claire. "You saved me, didn't you? That's why I remember you, you saved me from him." Rousseau gives a quick look to Claire and then to the baby. "We have never met." And with that she walks away.

    We FLASHBACK to the Sydney airport and see Sayid considering that same necktie on a rack with many others. A woman is helping him decide. She asks him what he will be using it for. "I'm going to see a woman." Sayid asks her to pick it for him and she points him towards the yellow one. As she rings it up she asks the girl's name and Sayid can't help but smile when he tells her. "Nadia." And as he is lost in the emotion of finally seeing his love again, the airport police arrive and ask him if he left a bag unattended earlier. He tries to tell them that he asked someone (Shannon) to watch it for him, but they aren't hearing it and tell him he needs to come with them. "Of course I do."
    Seems like pretty important stuff...I wonder why it was left out, but revealed in the recap.
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    Maybe it got edited into next week's ep. I wondered why they didn't show the upshot of Shannon's little act at the airport. The black smoke creeped out my teen.
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    I have a question ...

    Danielle showed up and said the others were coming. She told the story about the black smoke and how they showed up that day. But here the black smoke didn't show up for some time AFTER she said they were coming.

    How did she know they were coming BEFORE the black smoke showed up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chach
    That kept making me think of recent news items: Maybe "the others" are selecting a new pope.
    I made the same connection!

    Interesting that they left that stuff out....the yellow tie is on the raft so I don't see how they can edit that back in easily...

    Good catch! Ditto for Rousseau knowing they were coming before the smoke.
    Also in the show summary above it says that "they"...her crew I guess...saw the smoke and then they came and took the baby, so even tho she delivered it by herself the rest of the crew was around (sick?) shortly before the Others came.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babymay
    The diarie's updated! and the author is revealed! Yeah!
    Cool! I wonder if they'll write her into the show. Whoever is writing the diary needs to be a bit more careful. They wrote "That crazy french lady showed up at our camp tonight." But it was clearly early morning when Danielle showed up. Also, I think their day count is wrong. They're up to Day 43 and I really don't think the castaways have been there quite that long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chach
    That kept making me think of recent news items: Maybe "the others" are selecting a new pope.
    You crack me up Chach!

    weezerette: Those sounded like very interesting scenes you posted. I hope they're included in next week's finale.

    Had to mention my 2 favorite lines of the night:

    When Locke asks Danielle if she has any explosives, she replies "Dynamite. At the Black Rock. In the Dark Territory." And Hurley says (sarcastically) "Well there's 3 reasons to go right there."

    And when Mr. Arzt first approaches Jack about going on the hike he says
    "If you want something to stay secret, don't tell the fat guy."

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    This episode was fantastic!!!! I loved it. I think I was crying 15 minutes after it started. The scenes with Walt and Vincent got me the most. I got the same impresion that the black rock was a pirate ship. If the others are pirates that won't die I.E. Pirates of the Caribian,that would kind of suck, I would expect much more from such a well written show. Did anyone notice Sayid checking Shannon out while everyone was helping with the raft. Also did anyone notice Locke checking out Danielle. Maybe she senses this and she will use him to help the others. Maybe she's a spy for the others? Sawyer come back we miss you already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lea
    Also did anyone notice Locke checking out Danielle. Maybe she senses this and she will use him to help the others. Maybe she's a spy for the others? Sawyer come back we miss you already.
    I think he is suspicious of her- not hot for her...I am sure he has connected her scratches with Ethans, we just don't know it yet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical
    BTW - I looked up Daniel Dae Kim on imdb.com and he actually did an episode of Party of Five back in 1998!
    Some of the actors used in the flashbacks have also appeared on "Party of 5". Such as Walt's mom Susan, Jack's bride Sarah, Jack's best man Marc, and the bank manager where Kate pulled the heist.

    PS - You look excellent in blue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter
    Sawyer's name is James (last name?).
    Taken from the ABC website recap, Sawyer's name is James Ford from Memphis.
    What was the sound when Arzt came running back? I thought it sounded like an army grunting, my daughter thought it was Arzt gulping, it could have been monster noises.
    I thought it was monster noises, too. I replayed it a couple of times and that is the best I can come up with.
    Was the radar blip in the water in the previews?
    Yes, it was at the end of the preview

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