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Thread: Lost - Season 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chach
    Thanks for posting the article, Justafan. Very interesting. I think Locke is one of the great characters on TV, and after reading the article, I glad Terrry O'Quinn got a role like that.
    I absolutely agree. And I'm finding the article somehow very comforting. I've been just mesmerized watching the character of Locke blossom into what I think is the heart and soul of the show. And since my love for a character or a show is usually the kiss of death, I've had an ever-increasing feeling that Locke will be the one who is killed off this season. Simply because the cosmos doesn't like me. But now I think - hey, JJ Abrams and Terry O'Quinn have a history. JJ must know that this is the best thing to ever happen to this wonderful actor who has been paying his dues for a long time. It would be unbelievably cruel for JJ to kill Locke off. The younger cast members still have their whole career to look forward to, plenty more opportunities out there. I'm going to go to sleep tonight feeling a bit more secure about Locke's chances of survival.
    *crosses fingers*

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    Kill off Locke?

    That would be the same as killing the show in my opinion. Locke isn't the only character I like, but he seems like the only one essential to the show. Without Locke, I'd cheer for them all to suffer an ugly end.

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    great article, but:

    "Locke was stranded on a tropical island .... he has emerged as the series' mystical patriarch, a shamanic presence living his back-to-nature dream after a lifetime spent as a clerical schlub"the length of time Locke worked there was never established; but he was in a wheel chair for 4 years, right?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kungfuhippie
    ...and Shannon's the only eligible girl left. Perhaps the island can work its magic, and the writers can work theirs and Shannon can change into a more suitable partner for Sayid...
    Shannon's the 'only' girl left, if you don't count the other supposed survivors of the plane crash; there's 48 total, remember, and we only see 13, leaving a surplus of 35 other people. Assuming that 1/2 are women, he'd have a better chance of dating, if he'd get out of the cliche the writer's have him in.

    And who wouldn't I mourn if he was bored...er...boared...to death?....BOONE! I didn't even remember him until you mentioned his name, SQUATMAN.

    Yeah, have to agree that Locke's character is the heart and soul of the island. He can whip out his knife and kill a boar in a heart beat, but he's also the most empathetic and ?empathic? member of the crew. Isn't Locke the ONLY member who has "seen the beast" of the island and not only survived but pronounced it 'beautiful'? Also, unless I missed a show, I think that Locke was the first one, including Without a Clue Michael, who knew that Walt had extra senses.

    Locke is a complex character and he must be a delight to write for and act.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN
    Jin is hard to associate with, but its too easy to choose a non-English speaking character

    Boone is pretty useless, aside from the comedic value whenever he gets his butt kicked. Even his name irks me.... Boone....

    If it wasn't for Locke he'd be dead by now.

    I think Locke and Jin are two of the most valuable survivors on the island....both have interesting abilities that could help the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster
    Kill off Locke?

    That would be the same as killing the show in my opinion. Locke isn't the only character I like, but he seems like the only one essential to the show. Without Locke, I'd cheer for them all to suffer an ugly end.
    I agree. Locke adds something to this show that nobody else does. He is mystery, comfort, understanding, providing, etc. While Jack may be the so called "leader," he is definately more dispensable (sp?) than Locke.

    As far as who I wouldn't mind seeing gone? I guess either Boone or Shannon. And if I had to pick between the two it would be Boone. I'm sorry step-sister or not, it is messed up. And he still hasn't gotten over it.

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    Locke is my favorite, too. Glad to hear he's got so much support. It could help keep him from getting killed off.

    I've been thinking about the romances heating up.. and although it's great for the story I just don't think I would have a romance if I were on the island. Granted, there are very few *recreational activities* on the island, I just would NOT want to risk getting knocked up and having to give birth there. Giving birth is scary (and painful) enough, but on a deserted island? Hell no. I pity poor Claire.
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    Claire's still there too.
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    I think that without Locke, the show may actually be more interesting... right now, Locke is pretty much the puppetmaster. Most people look up to Locke, and some people entirely depend on Locke *cough cough*Boone*cough cough*. Without Locke, we could see a lot of characters go in entirely different directions than they're going now. Plus, I'd realllyyy enjoy seeing Boone lost and confused. That's just how much I dislike him

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    Short notice, but I just realized that Jeff Probst is appearing on MAD TV tonight, and he's doing a skit that involves "LOST". It should be a hoot.

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