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Thread: MXC on Spike TV

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    MXC on Spike TV

    Most Extreme Elimination Challenge:

    Does anyone else watch this show? It is one of the funniest things on TV.

    The format is a Japanese show from Tokyo which is apparently filmed at some kind of theme or game park called Takeshi's Castle. There are two hosts, Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano. All voices are dubbed - Kenny and Vic are fictional, as their voices are dubbed over from the real hosts of the show. Vic is the older, more fatherly and sensible host, Kenny is sillier. For each show, fake teams are chosen, like "Reality Show Contestants" vs. "Zoo Workers" (i.e. Real Life vs. Wild Life). Contestants compete in various whacky (and I do mean WHACKY) physical contests, with a running commentary by Kenny and Vic (such as you'd hear with any US sport). You have to listen closely because the names chosen for the contestants are almost always twisted inside jokes, but recognizable, and the commentary is priceless. The theme park is grungy, muddy, third-rate, and the contestants subject themselves to some really amazing things. Nothing gross like Fear Factor; these are all physical games, and little humiliation. Nobody eats anything disgusting and the games are rather simple, not particularly demanding, which makes them even more hilarious. It's the simplicity of it and the exuberance of the contestants plus Kenny and Vic's commentaries that make this show so funny and ultimately good-natured.

    The funny part is the commentary by Kenny and Vic and the other dubbed voices and sounds. This is so hard to describe, but trust me, give it a couple of chances and you'll be falling off the couch laughing. It grows on you. The first time I saw it I didn't get it, but I watched it a few more times and now I'm hooked. It's become so popular that they are doing shows with colleges in the United States.

    Any other fans out there?

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    I have seen it. It definately grows on you in a MST 3K sort of way.

    I love the Most Painful Eliminations of the Day!
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    I watch this show from time to time (usually at least two episodes per week). The inside jokes are hilarious. Also, listen for the names of the contestants' home towns---many are taken from Michigan.

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    I believe there is another thread for MXC. anyways, this show is great. i love the inside jokes. i would love to participate in some of the activities they do. captain tanneal

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    It's such a stupid show, but stupid funny. I watch it sometimes. Usually about once or twice a week. The commentators are so funny...or at least eh voice-overs.

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    I love the job titles they are given. I wonder if the real life participants know that most of them are apparently employed somehow in the porn industry.

    It's one of those shows that are so stupid, you can't help but watch.

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