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Thread: Da Ali G Show

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    Da Ali G Show

    Does any watch this show? I think it's hilarious at times... especially when he interviews politicians. RESPECT!!

    The vibrating book!!

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    I watch the show! I was on vacation on a cruise ship that didn't have HBO so I just used On Demand to watch the latest two episodes of the new season that I had missed. I also watched the first season via On Demand before the second season began. It took a season for me to get this show, but doing so makes it that much more hilarious. One of the funniest moments in my opinion from the first season was when Ali G was trying to pitch his porno tv pilot to a Hollywood executive.
    This second season is just as hilarious, if not even more so than the first season. As for this week's episode, the Bruno segment seemed a little off without the segment's theme song, which is "Crank It Up" by Scooter for anyone who's curious. The Borat segment more than made up for it. I can't believe he played the guitar and sang a "country song" which got the people in the bar clapping their hands.

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    I love Borat!! I was crying hysterically when they were smelling each other.

    This show is non stop laughter.

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