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Thread: The Graham Norton Effect

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    The Graham Norton Effect

    Has anyone been watching this? It is really funny and original. Those little games he plays are hilarious.

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    Yes, I love his show. I used to watch him on BBC, and was so glad when he got the job here in America. The show is just so off the wall, it's hilarious.

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    I used to watch his show, So Graham Norton when I was still living in the UK.

    This new show is not on any of the channels we have here so far, but I'm hoping one will pick it up.
    If so, I'll definitely be watching.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    That's it. I couldn't remember the name of the original British show. I just remember it was on BBC at like midnight or something. The Graham Norton Effect is pretty much exactly the same. He's still got his andy computer by his side. He's still inappropriate with just about everything. It's just a great show.

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    I LOVE Graham Norton! I used to watch him on BBCA all the time & I'm so happy he's in the US now & got picked up by Comedy Central I just love his style, there's nothing like it

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    I caught a few episodes of So Graham Norton when it was on BBCA. I've caught two episodes of TGNE and he's still wickedly funny.

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    I love Graham Norton!!! I haven't seen him since he's been on here but I used to watch it all the time on BBC at night. He always has really good guests and I love the segments he does with that women, but now I can't think of her name. Anyone??

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    You must be talking about Betty!! she was great. Kinda wish he'd brought her with. I've been watching Graham for a couple of years on BBCA...I'm sure he'll catch on here just like ABFAB did!!
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