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Thread: "Ryan On Air" Canceled

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    "Ryan On Air" Canceled

    'Idol' Host Seacrest's Talk Show Canceled

    Tue Jul 27, 7:53 PM ET

    LOS ANGELES - The syndicated TV series "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" is going off the air, permanently.

    Seacrest was unable to turn his visibility as host of Fox's "American Idol" into success for the talk and music show, and low ratings led Twentieth Television on Tuesday to announce the end of production.

    "I am proud of my team who worked tirelessly every day," Seacrest said in a statement. "I wouldn't have changed anything about this entire experience and I look forward to building my business within Twentieth Television."

    The Fox TV-owned studio said it believed the goal of providing viewers with "an engaging and alternative source of entertainment" was accomplished.

    "It was our desire that the program would appeal to a wide array of viewers but, unfortunately, the marketplace's response was not as strong as we had hoped," the studio said in a statement. "On-Air," which debuted in January from a studio in the complex where the Academy Awards (news - web sites) are held, will be broadcast through Sept. 17.

    Seacrest will remain with "American Idol," the hit talent-search series which returns for its fourth season in January. He'll also keep his day job as host of the Los Angeles radio show, "On-Air with Ryan Seacrest," and with the weekly countdown show "American Top 40."

    Twentieth, which picked up a second-season option with Seacrest less than a month ago and which Tuesday described him as bringing "a high level of talent and class to the industry," could be back in business with him on another project.

    An "appropriate project" would be a strong possibility, a Twentieth spokesman said Tuesday.

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    This story gives new meaning to "Seacreast - out!".

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    I actually liked this show. It beats Dr. Phil and Montel
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    I'm surprised. I thought it was doing well. I really liked his show especially during the AI season. He had best interviews with the eliminated contestants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXlurker
    I'm surprised. I thought it was doing well. I really liked his show especially during the AI season. He had best interviews with the eliminated contestants.
    I agree. I found him very laid-back, but not too laid-back with the people he interviewed. He always had a diverse group of people on, and also quite a few well known celebs. It is a shame.

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    I liked his show as well, but I think it's in an unfortunately timeslot perhaps for a show like that... Maybe he should get a slot later at night to give more people a chance to watch. I don't know...it's a shame it's being cancelled, I think it was good...

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    Although he had the burden of handing out all the cheese on AI, I have to admit he's a very personable guy. Everybody seemed to like him, and he seemed to really like everybody. That did make for some nice chemistry.

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    I actually like his show, and he seemed to have a good connection with his guests. Too bad he's a fall out from post AI syndrome. Why can't that happen to that Aiken freak instead of him. It must be a conspiracy . (KIDDING - no I don't want my e-mail pm box stuffed with rants thanks)

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    I think they should have cut the show down to just once or twice a week.
    Every day is too much imo and it sometimes resulted in star guests being a little thin on the ground.
    I wish they had stuck with Rosanna being in the studio every day too.
    I liked that her presence stopped it being all Ryan all the time.
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    I really love this show- this is such "bad" news. I'm curious as to what the replacement will be. Hopefully it won't be another "court show." :rolleyes

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